United Airlines and Real-time Business Monitoring

November 22 2016

Learn how AppDynamics and United are working together to better serve customers, employees, and the business with real-time business monitoring.

Flying out in front

One of the world’s largest airlines, United Airlines, has an impressive history of using one of humankind’s greatest innovations — the airplane — to serve people. On April 6, 1926, pilot Leon “Lee” Cuddeback flew a Laird Swallow biplane flew from Boise, Idaho, to the railroad mail hub at Pasco, Washington, returning the following day with 200 pounds of mail. This historic round trip journey was the first contract airmail flight, making United Airlines (then called Varney Air Lines) the first ever commercial airline in the U.S. to fly fixed routes and schedules. Another customer-centric first was established in 1930, when United hired nurse and pilot Ellen Church to assist passengers and help calm them of their fear of flying, making her the first female flight attendant on a passenger airplane.

Millions of flights and billions of passengers later (140 million in 2015 alone), United is more dedicated than ever to using innovation to keep the skies, terminals, and maintenance hangars friendly for their passengers and employees.

“One of the goals given to us by leadership was, let’s win back the trust of employees and our customers,” says Bill Hineline, United’s Director of Application Performance Management.

No small task, seeing how Mr. Hineline’s team is responsible for managing over 125 applications, from united.com and ticketing to weight balance systems and baggage tracking.

United has enjoyed what has become a truly special partnership with AppDynamics, including Mr. Hineline taking the stage at the AppSphere 2016 keynote and leading a session where he revealed the depth of the successful partnership, which now includes Business iQ, our real-time business monitoring solution.

“We now understand business impact,” says Mr. Hineline. “Who is using it? How are they using it? Where are their problems being experienced?”

We couldn’t be prouder of the relationship and how we’ve been able to assist United in their digital transformation, allowing them to continue on the path of constantly innovating to create happy travelers and team members — and drive better business outcomes.

Bill Hineline will be joining us again to talk about how AppDynamics and United are working together to better serve customers, employees, and the business during an upcoming webinar that you won’t want to miss. Register now.

Want to hear more about the United-AppDynamics partnership? Watch the inspiring story here.


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