Seven innovative observability features to explore in the new year

January 30 2024

See some of our recent observability feature and product releases that correlate application security and performance with your business critical KPIs.

In our latest App Attention Index, consumers showed unprecedented levels of scrutiny when it comes to app experiences, with nearly two-thirds (62%) revealing their digital expectations are far higher now than they were just two years ago. In fact, 77% reported discontinued use or deletion of an app due to poor performance — within the past year. Suffice it to say that application performance is no longer just a metric; it’s a vital component in the success of nearly every organization that depends on applications.

Full-stack observability delivers the automation IT teams need to detect, pinpoint, prioritize, and resolve issues across the entire application stack and allows organizations to observe and prioritize what matters most to both user experience — and the business. Let’s look at the latest Cisco AppDynamics observability innovations that help protect users and the bottom line.

Latest AppDynamics full-stack observability innovations

1. Business risk observability

Cybercrime is on the rise, but only 15% of businesses consider themselves mature enough to cope with security risks. To build resilience, organizations are leveraging Cisco Secure Application to deliver business risk observability in hybrid and cloud native application environments. Cisco Secure Application works alongside AppDynamics application performance monitoring to automate vulnerability detection, map vulnerabilities to business-critical transactions, and assign a business risk score based on the likelihood of impact. With these insights, teams can prioritize and proactively prevent revenue-impacting security risks, reduce risk and build security resilience by baking security across the app development lifecycle.

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2. Business iQ

With Business iQ, tech teams have the visibility and data needed to protect revenue and bridge gaps between IT and lines of business by combining business context with application analytics and performance. This provides real-time visibility into how application performance impacts user experiences — and business transactions — enabling teams to prioritize fixes, rebuilds and app optimizations based on business KPIs.

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3. Customer Digital Experience Monitoring (CDEM)

Customer Digital Experience Monitoring (CDEM) is a bi-directional integration of Cisco AppDynamics and Cisco ThousandEyes that organizations use to facilitate better user experiences by removing silos between AppOps and NetOps. CDEM does this by delivering shared, real-time visibility into network health metrics correlated with application performance data, all of which are visible in the AppDynamics dashboard.

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4. End-to-end Kubernetes® observability

Kubernetes is a cornerstone in modern application development — but it’s also a complex system that demands robust monitoring and observability. The new out-of-the-box integration between Cisco Cloud Observability and Spectro Cloud Palette enables organizations to gain end-to-end Kubernetes observability across any environment. With this integration, teams can correlate Kubernetes infrastructure and application performance monitoring (APM) services, visualize large-scale Kubernetes clusters and unify management across the full Kubernetes stack.

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5. OpenAI API monitoring

It’s impossible to ignore the impact of GenAI, especially when it comes to ChatGPT, the standout product from OpenAI that serves as an engine behind chatbots, call centers, and other digital interactions. Now IT teams can gain insights from our OpenAI API monitoring solution to help monitor usage and costs to ensure price doesn’t outweigh benefits — all from within the AppDynamics dashboard.

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6. Expanded SAP monitoring for S/4HANA

When SAP performance suffers — so does business performance. AppDynamics delivers AI/ML capabilities, code-level visibility, business transaction correlation, process monitoring, and more in our SAP monitoring solution. Two recent out-of-the-box features enable organizations to define S/4 HANA optimized order-to-cash (O2C) and procure-to-pay (P2P) business processes, helping accelerate time-to-value when migrating to S/4HANA.

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7. Business metrics for Cisco Cloud Observability

Business metrics in Cisco Cloud Observability bridges gaps between business and technical data, enhancing business context for applications running on Amazon Web Services (AWS). Now, organizations can clearly see the relationship between application performance and critical business KPIs such as revenue, conversion, and compliance. As Nandini Ramani, Vice President, Monitoring & Observability at AWS, said, “These new capabilities, combined with expanded support for AWS services, will enable enterprises to experience the benefits of full-stack observability for their mission-critical workloads running on AWS.

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Embrace observability for your organization’s future

According to our Age of Application Observability report, 85% of technologists say observability is now a strategic priority for their organization. As a pioneer in full-stack observability, Cisco empowers organizations to optimize digital experiences, whether they’re hosted on-prem, cloud-based or hybrid app environments. Driven by a deep understanding of customer, partner and user challenges, we’re excited to be on an observability journey with you!

Learn how these full-stack observability innovations deliver the secure, seamless digital experiences your customers expect: Schedule time with a Cisco observability expert

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