AppJam 2012: Zero to Production APM in 30 days at ExactTarget

Kevin Siminski, Director of Infrastructure Operations, ExactTarget
As a global Software-as-a-Service leader serving the world’s top brands, ExactTarget maintains an extensive .NET platform of several thousand nodes. In this session, Kevin will provide insight into how ExactTarget ramped up a full APM production deployment in approximately four weeks and added an entire new dimension of visibility for his Global Operations organization. Kevin will also share stories from the trenches on how difficult problems were brought to light quickly, allowing development and operations to focus on solving problems, rather than pointing fingers at each other, while leveraging AppDynamics.


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Deploying APM in the Enterprise Part 6: Spread the APM Love

Welcome back to my series on Deploying APM in the Enterprise. In Part 5: Alerts – Storm of the Century … Every Week! we explored just how important it is to your business to implement alerts the right way.

This week we’ll take a look at one of my favorite aspects of deploying APM properly … showing off (just a little bit) and helping others find their inner rockstar!

How do I help others find their inner rockstar and why would I want to do that?

When it comes right down to it you need to show results. You most likely played a big part in convincing someone to spend money on APM software, or had a big enough problem with an application that someone decided to help you out by purchasing APM software, or you just really want to show your company how good you are at your job. Whatever your motivation, a major key to success lies with getting solid results across your organization. If you are the only person using a tool successfully the odds are stacked against you when it comes time to renew your subscription or maintenance for that tool.

Deploying APM in the Enterprise Part 4: The Path of the Rockstar

APM RockstarWelcome to Part 4 of my series Deploying APM in the Enterprise. In the last installment we covered how you find, test, and justify purchasing an APM solution. This blog will focus on what to do after you’ve made a purchase and started down the path of deploying your coveted APM tool (ahem, ahem, AppDynamics, ahem). Just clearing my throat, let’s jump right in…

It’s time for a celebration, time to break out the champagne, time to spike the football and do your end zone dance (easy there Michael Jackson, don’t hurt yourself). All of the hours you spent turning data into meaningful information, dealing with software vendors, writing requirements, testing solutions, documenting your findings, writing business justifications, and generally bending over backwards to ensure that no objection would stand in your way has culminated in management approving your purchase of APM software. Now the real work begins…