Introducing AppDynamics for Mobile Beta, Available for iOS and Android

According to a report from Kleiner Perkins, mobile applications now account for 15% of all Internet traffic, with 1.5 billion users worldwide. This means that the performance of mobile applications is more important than ever both to the end users and to the companies that depend on them for their revenue. So we are very excited to announce that AppDynamics now offers end user monitoring for mobile applications! With AppDynamics for Mobile you can now get insights into the performance of your native mobile apps for iOS and Android, allowing you to ensure that your mobile users have a great experience from the moment they open the app.

The complexity of modern applications makes end-to-end monitoring essential for all production applications, whether they’re run in a browser or on a smartphone. A typical architecture for a mobile/web application consists of multiple services:

Mobile SOA Architecture

With AppDynamics for Mobile, you get complete visibility into the end user experience across mobile and web with the end user experience dashboard:

AppDynamics For Mobile

See the performance of API calls from your mobile application to the server side:

AppDynamics for Mobile

Get a better understanding of your audience and where to focus development efforts with analytics on device, carriers, OS, and application versions:

AppDynamics For Mobile

Want to start monitoring your iOS or Android application today? Sign up for our beta program to get the full power of AppDynamics for your mobile apps.

Mobile APM

When Mobile Applications go Mad (and Crash)

Apple has done a stellar job with their development platform and iOS. In fact, they’ve done a stellar job turning my living room into an apple showroom. If you asked me 10 years ago whether my laptop, mouse, keyboard, monitor, phone, music player, TV and tablet would be colored white with an Apple logo I would have probably laughed in your face. The only Microsoft thing left in my house now is an XBOX, and it won’t be long before that turns white as well. Being married also presents a problem in that I now have two of everything, because sharing isn’t caring when it comes to Apple gadgets. With Apple technology being “cool” and widely adopted by millions of users, you can see why every business is migrating their applications to iOS for an improved end user experience. One of our customers recently made the move, and here’s a story of how their new iPhone app crashed their entire mission-critical web application….and I bet you weren’t expecting me to say that, were you?

An unusual spike in performance

Below is screenshot from AppDynamics that shows monitoring data for the customers online web application over the last month. The application has approximately 250 IIS instances, a dozen databases, a dozen web services and a distributed cache.