Introducing AppDynamics for Mobile Beta, Available for iOS and Android

September 19 2013

According to a report from Kleiner Perkins, mobile applications now account for 15% of all Internet traffic, with 1.5 billion users worldwide. This means that the performance of mobile applications is more important than ever both to the end users and to the companies that depend on them for their revenue. So we are very excited to announce that AppDynamics now offers end user monitoring for mobile applications! With AppDynamics for Mobile you can now get insights into the performance of your native mobile apps for iOS and Android, allowing you to ensure that your mobile users have a great experience from the moment they open the app.

The complexity of modern applications makes end-to-end monitoring essential for all production applications, whether they’re run in a browser or on a smartphone. A typical architecture for a mobile/web application consists of multiple services:

Mobile SOA Architecture

With AppDynamics for Mobile, you get complete visibility into the end user experience across mobile and web with the end user experience dashboard:

AppDynamics For Mobile

See the performance of API calls from your mobile application to the server side:

AppDynamics for Mobile

Get a better understanding of your audience and where to focus development efforts with analytics on device, carriers, OS, and application versions:

AppDynamics For Mobile

Want to start monitoring your iOS or Android application today? Sign up for our beta program to get the full power of AppDynamics for your mobile apps.

Mobile APM

Dustin Whittle
Dustin Whittle is a Developer Evangelist at AppDynamics where he focuses on helping organizations manage application performance. Find out more at

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