AppDynamics Now Offers More than 100 Extensions

At AppDynamics, it’s been our mission to equip enterprises with true Application Intelligence. As the expanded application ecosystem grows, many enterprises are using a combination of legacy, contemporary, and cutting-edge infrastructure components. So today we’re proud to announce we now integrate with over 100 extensions so users can leverage performance insights like never before. We strive to create a seamless extension ecosystem to merge with your current toolset.

The Application Intelligence Platform is open, extensible, and interoperable to fit any business need. Through our extension ecosystem, AppDynamics Exchange, our community comes together to share knowledge and contribute back extensions that provide deep integrations to the tools modern enterprises frequently use.
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A few extension categories I’d like to highlight are:

Monitoring extensions – integration metrics from other monitoring systems and services such as Apache, RabbitMQ, CouchBase, IBM DataPower, and Apica.

Alerting extensions – allow creation of custom notifications to integration AppDynamics’ health rule violations and events with alerting or ticketing systems such as PagerDuty, VictorOps, ServiceNow, and Atlassian JIRA.

Cloud auto-scaling extensions – integration cloud orchestration functionality such as creating, destroying, restarting, configuring, and validating machine and image instances. These include Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure.

REST API & SDKs – enable retrieval of data from the AppDynamics system, including application and infrastructure metadata, metrics, events, and transaction snapshots. AppDynamics developer SDKs are available on Github. Through our API, you can download our Java SDK and the Python SDK.

With these integrations, users can monitor metrics within a business context, rapidly remediate issues, and automate baselining to detect glitches. Extensions also leverage the core Application Intelligence Platform including APM, mobile, and analytics.

Using AppDynamics and our slew of extensions, companies can help foster a DevOps culture and enable IT Ops, developers, and business professionals understand their application data, troubleshoot performance issues, and make strategic business decisions.

Come check out our community of extensions here, and download a FREE trial of AppDynamics today!

AppDynamics now available to IBM customers via IBM Cloud marketplace and integrated with IBM DataPower

We’re excited to announce a collaboration with IBM that brings the power of the AppDynamics Application Intelligence Platform to the IBM Cloud Marketplace. IBM customers looking to further simplify application development and operations for increased innovation and the industry’s lowest overall TCO can opt to include AppDynamics at no additional cost.

As more and more enterprise companies rely on a cloud platform to support new and innovative applications to keep pace with rapidly changing business requirements, pairing the Application Intelligence Platform with the IBM Cloud marketplace simply makes sense. Together these technologies provide the nimbleness of the Cloud, the stable, reliable service expected from IBM, and AppDynamics’ unparalleled visibility and control for managing and improving application performance while simultaneously extracting intelligence from ‘in production’ apps to both inform line of business executives and help drive better business decisions.

AppDynamics has also partnered with IBM to develop support for IBM DataPower, IBM’s popular purpose-built messaging appliance used within highly secure enterprises, including leading banks around the world.

The AppDynamics Monitoring Extension for DataPower provides IBM DataPower customers with end-to-end visibility for the best possible control over applications with complex security and reliability requirements. All the metrics gathered from DataPower into AppDynamics by this extension are automatically and dynamically baselined and alerts can be set up on AppDynamics to:

  • notify administrators, operators or other ticketing applications if any metrics breach undesirable thresholds in real-time

  • automatically remediate problems based on health-rule violations

Unlike other application monitoring providers, AppDynamics allows DataPower users to mix and match which portions of the application intelligence platform they’d like to deploy to best meet individual needs. This is not an all-or-nothing offering with pay-for-support fine lines.

With the AppDynamics Monitoring Extension for DataPower, customers can now automatically correlate their dashboards and snapshots to their business critical applications:

Application dashboard with DataPower as a custom exit point

Fully correlated snapshots

Custom dashboard

Of course, AppDynamics has had long-standing support for IBM products like WebSphere application server, WebSphereMQ and IBM DB2, with customers also monitoring IBM commerce platforms like IBM Yantra and IBM Sterling Commerce. The addition of AppDynamics as an IBM Cloud Marketplace offering together with the new support for IBM DataPower are just two more examples of the collaboration with IBM for the benefit of our mutual enterprise customers.

We look forward to continuing to work alongside IBM for their customers as they create, manage and optimize their business critical applications.