Cloud Migration articles

October 13 2022
Multinational conglomerate 3M is currently 60% of the way through an SAP deployment that will make it one of the biggest SAP shops in the world. The company also recently completed a successful cloud migration exercise. AppDynamics has partnered with 3M throughout this growth journey. To learn more about 3M’s...
June 26 2018
In my 20-plus years in the software industry, I’ve worn a lot of hats: developer, DBA, performance engineer and—for the past 10 years prior to joining AppDynamics—software architect. I’ve been coding since sixth grade and have seen some pretty dramatic changes over the years, from punch cards and 8-inch floppies...
May 01 2018
Today we’re excited to announce AppDynamics for Kubernetes monitoring, which will give enterprises end-to-end, unified visibility into their entire Kubernetes stack and Kubernetes-orchestrated applications for...

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