Diagnose Network Problems with Integrated Network Visibility

More and more distributed apps are being deployed in the private, hybrid, and public clouds, and the performance of these apps is becoming increasingly critical for enterprises. In fact, the AppDynamics¬†2017 App Attention Index highlights the modern day consumer demand for speed and consistency, with 62 percent of respondents expressing increased expectations for how well […]

APM vs NPM. 2nd Round K.O.

Round Two – Last time I wrote a blog comparing APM versus network-based APM tools, which I still consider NPM at it’s core regardless of what some critics and competitors claim. Let me make one thing clear though, NPM is great for equipping IT network administrators to see how fast or slow data is traveling […]

APM vs NPM. Round One.

Another three-letter acronym I see frequently mixed in with APM is NPM which stands for Network Performance Management. At first glance they look very similar. The distinction appears very subtle with just a one letter difference, but it speaks volumes because their¬†core technologies and approaches to application performance monitoring are fundamentally different. Application Performance Management […]