Combine Business iQ with business risk observability to build a seamless digital experience

December 12 2023

Why shared intelligence across business, security and application performance is a pivotal growth driver — and how to achieve it.

In a global application survey, 62% of consumers agreed that mobile app security protection and features are equally important. Additional research suggests brands have one shot to get it right — or risk losing 32% of their users after just one poor experience. That puts today’s organizations under serious pressure to meet the demand for high-performing and secure apps. But to deliver on those user expectations, technologists need tools and processes that span complex ecosystems and deliver the insights that leaders need to support business KPIs.

In a 2023 survey, only 22% of leaders believe data is shared well within their business. However, McKinsey research reveals a focus on cross-functional alignment between business and IT workflows can boost organizational resilience by up to 40%. With Cisco AppDynamics full-stack observability as a foundation, organizations are able to efficiently leverage visibility for growth.

Let’s take a look:

Drive performance and align teams with shared business context

Identifying root causes of performance issues can be difficult, especially when data lives in silos. An observability solution can help — but to drive growth, organizations also need visibility into user touchpoints and the financial impact across business-critical and revenue-driving transactions.

Enter Business iQ. It works alongside AppDynamics APM to combine business context with application performance analytics to baseline and monitor business-critical KPIs that applications support. Business iQ does this by leveraging automation from AppDynamics agents to collect, correlate and visualize business, financial and application data — all in real-time. With these insights, IT and business leaders can work collaboratively to prioritize performance fixes based on SLAs and/or business financial impact.

However, aligning app performance with business goals is just one side of the coin. to achieve desired business outcomes, organizations also need to secure their infrastructure, applications and end-user touchpoints.

Secure your applications based on business risk

Cybersecurity incidents are on the rise, and security professionals agree — it’s not if an organization will experience a breach — it’s when and where the breach will occur that’s critical. With 78% of technologists saying their organization is vulnerable to a multi-staged security attack that would affect the full application stack, real-time visibility across application security is a must-have.

With only 15% of businesses considered mature enough to cope with security risks, organizations are turning to Cisco Secure Application for business risk observability. With it, companies can leverage existing AppDynamics APM agents to automate vulnerability detection across hybrid and cloud native application environments.

Cisco Secure Application alerts on issues enable a quick understanding of the source and impact of vulnerabilities and threats across business-critical transactions. With automated threat and vulnerability intelligence from the Cisco security portfolio, risk scores across applications and APIs are delivered to technologists in a continuously evolving priority list for remediation. This level of insight helps teams collaborate on and prioritize mitigation strategies while aligning protection with user trust expectations — across the application stack.

Today’s app users are more aware than ever that secure digital experiences matter, and they are making decisions about their data before extending trust to a brand. Research shows that building digital trust by proactively protecting user data can increase annual growth rates by 10% or more. With business risk observability, organizations can grow trust — and revenue.

Protect what matters with a single source of truth

By combining Business iQ with business risk observability, IT and business teams have insights needed to enhance security and build a seamless user experience. By bringing together application performance data, business context and security intelligence, AppDynamics helps businesses gain transaction-level visibility to enhance application security and performance.

Now you really can have it all.

Stop choosing between security and performance.
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