Experience Journey Map Spotlights the User Journey in Web and Mobile Business Applications

June 17 2020

Experience Journey Map from AppDynamics solves a major problem facing today's digital-first businesses—the lack of end-to-end visibility of the customer journey.

Earlier this year at Cisco Live 2020, Barcelona, we unveiled Experience Journey Map, a powerful new feature from AppDynamics that gives businesses the ability to evaluate users’ most-traveled web and mobile journeys within a business application. Today, we’re excited to announce general market availability that provides additional functionality to further solidify this feature as a premiere resource for capturing rich, multi-dimensional views of performance across the customer experience.

With Experience Journey Map, deep insight and visibility into your application environment is just a few clicks away, thanks to a comprehensive visual representation of your web or mobile environments. But with this latest round of enhancements, we take that visibility a level deeper, giving you the ability to segment performance data by device, operating system, browser and even geo-location. You can even identify and isolate user sessions that exhibit poor performance for faster, more streamlined troubleshooting.

With these latest enhancements, it’s easier than ever to reveal and eliminate hidden bottlenecks, so you can proactively manage the digital journey and consistently deliver a world-class customer experience.

Experience Journey Map Delivers Unparalleled Insights

With competing application performance management (APM) solutions, application owners and IT operations professionals lack visual insight into changing user patterns, where these changes are occurring, and what’s causing them.

This leads to multiple teams using disparate tools to track numerous data streams, and often requires that teams stitch together all of this feedback in order to gain new insights from the data collected. This approach makes incredibly painful for IT Ops and app owners to prioritize issue resolution and application investment, leading to slower resolution times on high-priority issues. Using advanced data science algorithms, Experience Journey Map updates continuously, deploying self-learning capabilities to discover changes in user journey patterns and alerting you before they become major problems.

Visibility Across the Full Application Experience

Experience Journey Map provides an aggregated view of all web or mobile sessions across an application, mapping the most trafficked paths as well as the user experience leading to each step. By delivering visibility across the entire application experience, the functionality enables application owners, IT Ops and developers to identify slower portions of the customer journey, as well as areas where optimization could benefit the most users.

Key Benefits of Experience Journey Map

For application owners:

  • Provides a real-time, out-of-box view of the application experience and segmentation at each step of the customer journey across devices, browsers, and geographies — a boon for managing, prioritizing, and maximizing resource investment.
  • Identifies the most critical areas of the application, making it easier to collaborate with operations and developers to proactively identify blind spots in monitoring.


For IT operations:

  • Enables better prioritization of performance incidents based on the number of users impacted.
  • Locates bottlenecks in the customer experience with in-context drill-downs right from within the Experience Journey Map, simplifying deployment of additional resources as traffic increases.


For developers:

  • Identifies steps within the customer journey that reveal a higher number of errors, including web page and mobile application errors, to enable faster resolution.
  • Fosters collaboration with application owners to optimize areas of the application that greatly enhance the user experience.


Integrations with Cisco’s application and workload management tools further enable you to proactively prevent these resource-triggered bottlenecks from happening.

Many organizations are hampered by silos created by application developers, IT operations staff, and disparate management tools. AppDynamics and Cisco Intersight Workload Optimizer solve this problem by allowing your teams to access the same information at the same time, so that they can speak the same language throughout the problem-solving process. With the same visibility into user journeys, applications, IT infrastructure, and data, your teams simplify their toolset, eliminate finger-pointing, and quickly identify and allow you to solve for the root causes of application performance issues.

Experience Journey Map: How It Works

Experience Journey Map gives application owners a performance-lens view of user behavior, enabling them to identify problem areas and determine root cause quickly. User journey data is aggregated in real-time to determine the most trafficked paths across the browser or mobile application. The map then pairs the performance data associated with each step in the journey with business metrics, such as drop rate, providing a clear impact of performance to an app owner or an ITOps professional. As applications change, self-learning algorithms adapt and redraw themselves, revealing new steps in a journey or new paths through the application. This gives AppDynamics users a better way of viewing customer interaction in tandem with their apps across a number of devices and scenarios.

appdynamics experience journey map

By empowering application owners with this data, Experience Journey Map makes it easy to decide where to invest development resources and prioritize optimization efforts based on how many users stand to benefit.

Experience Journey Map is the latest addition to Business iQ, the leading product for identifying application bottlenecks and evaluating the impact of performance on crucial business transactions. With Business iQ, customers get a unified and correlated view of business and technology performance, as well as user experience. This gives IT professionals the ability to see how application performance impacts their customers and the business overall. With Business iQ, you can even stream contextual insights for every transaction, customer segment, code release or complete business service. As a new feature of Business BiQ, Experience Journey Map delivers an industry-leading, self-learning solution for uncovering new patterns in user journeys.

“The Experience Journey map provides great insight into how many real users go from one page to another. For example in our Non Production environment we can see about 80% of the users who visited their account list then have visited payments page next. This is almost equivalent to a funnel chart but built automatically. This capability in Production will help us better understand the user behaviour, monitor when these conversion rates deviate and focus on performance issues in specific parts of the application. ”
Onkar Shinde – Nationwide Building Society

To access Experience Journey Map in your AppDynamics SaaS controller, get in touch with us. Learn more about its capabilities in our recent webinar, Become a CXpert.

Abelardo Gonzalez
Abelardo is a leading expert in web and mobile performance with over 13 years of industry experience. He holds a master's degree from Governors State University, and earned his Bachelor of Arts degree from St. Edward’s University. Abelardo regularly contributes to technology publications such as Mobile Strategies 360 & Internet Retailing.

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