Full-stack observability use cases

See how organizations are breaking through IT complexity by aligning full-stack observability with business context.


By centralizing and correlating application performance analytics across the entire stack, full-stack observability enables IT teams to collaborate, isolate performance issues, and optimize application experiences.

More than just a robust monitoring platform, full-stack observability pulls vast amounts of information from an ever-expanding ecosystem of cloud providers and external networks and makes sense of it. It gets to the “why” behind every issue so that organizations can better understand context and take a proactive approach to managing application performance.


Full-stack observability use cases

Application modernization

Organizations are modernizing their application stack to meet the demands of today’s digital-first world. At the same time, many are still leveraging domain-centric tools to monitor and manage the individual components that make up their application landscape. This makes it extremely difficult to diagnose the root cause of performance issues.

From third-party SaaS applications to public internet gateways, IT teams need complete end-to-end visibility across their entire architecture. More importantly, they need to be able to cut through the noise so they can quickly identify and resolve the root cause of any performance problems that arise.


Cloud and hybrid monitoring

Cloud-centric stacks are the new normal, with many organizations leveraging cloud-native technologies and distributed infrastructures like microservices and containerized components to scale. It’s complex—and this complexity is creating operational silos across the technology stack. This makes it challenging to understand when a performance issue is impacting the user experience and business metrics, like revenue.

Full-stack observability streamlines how teams supporting your technology operate. It unifies and aligns them with contextual insights driven from a single solution, providing end-to-end observability across your hybrid cloud application landscape with correlated user and business impacts.


Cost and performance optimization

When an application fails, it always hurts the bottom line—whether it’s from energy spent to diagnose the root cause of the issue, or lost revenue and damaged brand reputation. With full-stack observability, organizations can correlate how application performance impacts business outcomes and prioritize their work based on the issues most critical to the business.

To ensure applications always perform optimally, application and IT infrastructure teams also need access to the same information so that they can speak the same language. After all, application health is inextricably tied to the health of the underlying infrastructure. With complete visibility into applications, IT infrastructure, and data, your teams can eliminate wasteful and expensive overprovisioning, avoid the “it must be the network” blame game, and rapidly identify the root causes of application performance issues.


Modern application security

A security breach can make or break a company, and with the influx of cloud-based solutions and complex architectures, today’s organizations are plagued with potential security vulnerabilities. With the right full-stack observability solution, teams can continuously monitor vulnerabilities across the entire IT stack, find and block exploits automatically, and defend the business against attacks in real time.


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