Database Performance Monitoring

Business observability doesn’t end with your applications. The AppDynamics industry-leading Database Monitoring solution ensures your database is never the weak link.

Connect database and application performance

Quickly determine what's having the greatest impact on your business. Evaluate key metrics with real-time data for faster, more reliable decision-making.

Continuously monitor high-volume production environments

  • Monitor key standard and custom database performance metrics and receive real-time alerts when thresholds deviate

  • Manage the lifecycle of your database with a visual representation of dependencies across tiers of your database instances

Troubleshoot database performance issues

  • With self-learning algorithms, you’ll proactively detect anomalies and diagnose the root cause of database-related performance issues in live production environments

Baseline database performance over time

Monitor and measure key performance metrics such as resource consumption, database objects, schema statistics and more so you can proactively resolve issues before they become major problems.

Database performance-tuning insights

  • Proactively tune and improve database performance before issues affect end users by monitoring and forecasting key performance metrics such as resource consumption, execution plans, wait states and user sessions

Tap into your database potential with AppDynamics

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AppDynamics puts your IT teams at the center of business success

"It’s a tool that offers seamless traceability and a view that bridges both the APM and the Business product usage effectively. "

Heather Abbott
Senior Vice President of Corporate Solutions Technology, Nasdaq

Understanding the value of monitoring and managing SAP

Learn why comprehensive SAP observability is now essential — and how AppDynamics Performance Monitoring for SAP can help.

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AppDynamics is truly unique in its ability to connect app performance to customer experience and business outcomes, helping you prioritize the most critical issues before they affect your customers.

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In this white paper we will explore the changes that are happening throughout IT organizations and explain why it is important for database and storage administrators to understand, embrace, and participate in this changing paradigm. 

How to Improve Database Performance?

Poor application performance can be the result of many factors, including SQL query execution, data structure, or the database server, among other things.

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