Microsoft Monitoring

End-to-End Monitoring for Microsoft Applications

Full Stack Transaction Tracing

  • Trace transactions across distributed Microsoft application architectures from end user to database, including caches, queues and 3rd party web services

  • Gain complete infrastructure monitoring visibility, from infrastructure resource utilization to application response times in business context

  • Deep diagnostics into MS SQL and across the Microsoft application stack, including MVC 4.5, WCF, and Service Buses.

Monitor .NET health and status with code-level visibility into the CLR

Understand the health of your CLR by monitoring and managing key metrics like response time, throughput, exception rate, and garbage collection time, as well as key system resources like CPU, memory and disk I/O.

Monitor Applications in Microsoft Azure, including SQL DB

  • Automatically discover and map application dependencies in the cloud

  • Cloud autoscaling for proactive capacity allocation and cost management

  • Broad support for Azure services, including Cloud Services (PaaS), Virtual Machines (IaaS), Azure Storage, Azure Queues, Azure Service Bus, and Azure SQL DB

Supported Frameworks

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