JVM Performance

JVM Performance Monitoring

AppDynamics allows you to drill down into any specific JVM call stack trace to detect all method and class level detail about response time latency. All just in a matter of seconds. Application performance monitors the display response time correlation across the application. However, AppDynamics offers complete visibility and easily enables users to get reach the root cause of JVM performance issues in a few seconds.

Key Benefits include:

Monitoring of all JVM dependencies

Real-time monitoring of JVM performance and health

Complete cross-JVM visibility for the monitoring of distributed transactions

Quickly troubleshoot all Java code latency quickly in a matter of minutes

Visualize and Map JVM Application Dependencies

AppDynamics maps and detects a the tiers that interact with your Java application, offering a complete view into application performance that is a lot better than other Java performance monitoring tools.

Monitor JVM Health and Performance

Appdynamics helps you understand the health of your JVM along with key Java tuning and profiling metrics, such as - throughput, exception rate, response time,garbage collection time, code deadlock (Java). Using the same UI, you can monitor system resources that include memory, CPU, and disk I/O.

Audit JVM Configuration Changes and Application Deployments

Automatically reporting all changes to the JVM run-time environment configuration, AppDynamics also tracks new application deployments and JVM restarts. This way you can understand the nature of the changes made to your application environment.

More about JVM Monitoring

Although there are many free JVM monitoring tools, most of them are not easy to use and often incur too much overhead, making it unsuitable for production environments. AppDynamics allows you to track and monitor JVM performance and health in a live production environment without worrying about end user experience.

"AppDynamics replaced 5 tools we once used to try to troubleshoot application problems. Today, everyone goes to AppDynamics to quickly determine the root cause of the issue."


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