Optimize Performance

APM Beyond Monitoring

AppDynamics empowers today's software-defined businesses with effective, adaptive tools to optimize and analyze digital business performance—it's true Application Intelligence.

The AppDynamics Application Intelligence platform gives rich performance data, learning, and analytics. What's more, our low-overhead architecture means that you benefit from real-time data collection and analysis and can deploy in production. This is perfect for agile development environments, which enables you to instantly see the effect of production changes as you work and minimize bottlenecks.

Infrastructure: Our solution can be deployed in multiple operating models, such as on-premise, SaaS, private cloud, or any combination.

Behavioral Learning: Performs complex event processing across numerous data streams, establishing baselines such as contextual metrics, learning normal performance patterns and adapting to changes in the complex environment.

Contextual Data: User flows and transactions are continuously discovered and captured in flight with rich contextual data about the servers, application models, services, devices, network and machine infrastructure.

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