Log Analytics

Power your operational intelligence, delight your users and fuel business results with precise log analytics across your entire stack.

Big data. Big results.

AppDynamics Log Analytics collects, correlates, and analyzes your vast machine data to give you comprehensive real-time insights into operational performance.

Collect real time machine data and insights

Ingest both structured and unstructured data to gain real time visibility into physical, virtual or cloud infrastructures.

A simple application performance management dashboard gives full stack business context around application issues in one place.

Run powerful advanced searches to pinpoint errors and perform ad-hoc log analysis

Utilize SQL-based query language to search through logs for valuable performance insights that help you deliver results .

Run basic or advanced searches to sift through your machine data and pinpoint errors in real time.

Get comprehensive operational intelligence by correlating and analyzing your machine data in real-time

Search for distributed logs with one click and quickly gain operational insights into root causes of performance issues.

Visualize data and create custom dashboards to make insights compelling and actionable

AppDynamics ADQL leverages SQL syntax, allowing you to dissect your data to get to the insights most critical to your business.

Run advanced, fast, and nested data searches to perform ad-hoc analysis in real time.

Act on the right data by getting alerts that matter

Create alerts on top of search queries to get proactive notifications when certain thresholds are crossed.

Reduce false alerts with proactive anomaly detection and intelligent alerting that filters through the noise to the most important insights for your business.

AppDynamics puts your IT teams at the center of business success

"It was simple to deploy. It took minutes, literally. On our first proof-of-concept, we saw results within an hour. "

Eric Poon
Director of Operations Analytics, Nasdaq

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