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Agents and Controller

Agents sit across your entire application ecosystem and supporting infrastructure, notifying controllers of real-time performance. Agents send performance data to controllers, and your application performance is visualized through the controller UI.

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Auto Discovery and Mapping

AppDynamics auto discovers the logical flow of all traffic requests in your environment and dynamically creates a topology map to visualize performance across the application ecosystem.

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Business Transaction

A Business Transaction is made up of all the required services within your environment that are called upon to fulfill and deliver a response to a user-initiated request. These are typically things like login, search, checkout, etc.

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Baselines, Health Rules, Policies, and Alerts

Through machine learning, we automatically create a baseline for each metric. Our baselines define what is normal for your application. Alerts are automatically triggered when anomalies occur.

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Out of the box troubleshooting capabilities help you detect and remediate issues. Transaction Snapshots are taken only when performance anomalies occur to ensure no impact to production performance. Snapshots provide code-level and database visibility.

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Collected transaction and end user data delivers real-time application analytics for real-time business performance monitoring.

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