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Our Automatic Code Injection capability instruments millions of lines of code automatically and then watches them 24x7

  • Automatically instrument millions of lines of code across thousands of tiers, in production environments and within minutes

  • Get a complete view of user interactions, business transaction performance, application architecture and service dependencies 

  • Monitor user, application, and infrastructure platforms and technologies including: Android, iOS, browser, Java, .NET, PHP, Node.js, SQL, NOSQL, servers and networks

  • Monitor production environments with minimal overhead

Smart Code Instrumentation

Adaptive code instrumentation that requires no manual configuration or code changes, and works at a very low overhead.

  • Instrument all apps, all the time in production with minimal effort and overhead.

Transaction Tag and Follow

Business transaction flows are dynamically tagged and followed across highly distributed application environments; topology is auto-discovered and visualized, and dynamically maintained.

  • Understand end-to-end transaction flows in highly complex and distributed application environments.

Self-configuring platform

Agent instrumentation is self-configured and automatically adapts to application changes.

  • Fast time-to-value; minimal expertise required to configure the solution.

Automated application behavioral learning

Behavioral learning with dynamic baselining for intelligent anomaly detection; no manual configuration needed.

  • Easy to deploy, configure, manage, and use; reduces or eliminates false positives.

Big data platform

Process metrics, events and meta data at web scale, handling trillions of events per day.

  • Free-up cycles for innovation while the platform intelligently manages applications with self-learning.

Application Intelligence

Understand your business applications and transactions and their impact on your business. Leveraging the AppDynamics Application Intelligence Platform,

  • Get an integrated view of the actual transactions spanning across your application topology

  • Drill down into each transaction, at any tier or node, to discover, diagnose and troubleshoot issues

  • Configure auto-remediation to minimize manual intervention

  • Capture and correlate real-time business metrics with application performance

  • Become a power user quickly with highly productive, drag-and-drop HTML5 dashboards

Easy-to-Deploy Platform

The AppDynamics Application Intelligence Platform adapts to virtually any software environment or infrastructure, delivers rich performance data in real time, and can be deployed in a matter of minutes, not weeks or months.

  • Easy and intuitive to deploy, delivering value in minutes

  • Your choice of deployment options: Saas, private cloud, on-premise and hybrid cloud deployments

  • Scalable and easy to use for development, operations, and business users

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