Application performance baselining

AppDynamics alerts help you identify and resolve issues before your customers even notice with continuous performance baselining across your entire application landscape.

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AppDynamics baselining makes it easy to assign health rules and alerts, and apply appropriate policies for when anomalies occur, to ensure your application performance never falters.

Performance Baselining

Every agent monitoring a business transaction sends detailed performance and business data back to the controller, which, through machine learning, automatically creates a dynamic baseline for your core metrics.

This helps you understand what "normal" performance looks like across your full-stack environment.

Precision Alerts

AppDynamics uses baselines to benchmark normal behavior for your applications.

When performance deviates from a baseline, AppDynamics alerts appropriate staff only when an anomaly occurs, avoiding IT alert storms and ensuring resolution of issues before they become major problems.

Health Rules and Policies

Health rules leverage baselines to establish performance thresholds, triggering events when exceeded.

A triggered event is dictated by the correlated policy, such as sending an alert or reducing the number of requests sent to a specific server that may be underperforming.

Performance Indicators

Four health status levels indicate performance: critical, warning, normal and unknown.

When the health status of an entity changes, such as server response time moving from normal to a warning, an alert is sent to the controller UI.

Alerts and policies vary, based on the severity of the health issue.

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"AppDynamics replaced fived tools we once used to try to troubleshoot application problems. Today, everyone goes to AppDynamics to quickly determine the root cause of the issue. "

Jason Briggs
Monitoring Engineering Manager, Paychex

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