Custom data visualization and dashboards

Build powerful dashboards with metrics from across your full stack to deeply understand how your technology is impacting your business.

Full-stack observability + powerful data visualization

Our industry-leading data visualization tools analyze sophisticated data interactions within a simple user interface that everyone can understand, unlocking strategic insights across databases, applications and networks to bring immediate value to your business in just a few clicks.


Visualize full-stack data in one place

  • Dash Studio enhances our full-stack, business-focused observability by offering a unified visualization platform for data across every environment your business depends on

  • With ThousandEyes Internet and Cloud Intelligence in AppDynamics Dash Studio, easily isolate application issues from underlying network disruptions with a proactive view of the entire application delivery chain

Gain richer insights into data

Understand and easily explore your data with powerful data-binding options and simple sentence-like queries. 

  • Typeahead capabilities allow you to quickly explore your data to build the optimal dashboards

  • Ensure all users can find and make sense of the data that matters most to them with simplified querying 

  • Share dashboards to unify teams on a common view

Design mission-ready dashboards in minutes

The Dashboard Editor mimics familiar design tools to easily build and edit dashboards. 

  • Build a seamless layout using customizable data widgets and intuitive alignment guides

  • Change visual settings, add labels and compare application performance across different time ranges

  • Preview the dashboard before publishing by using the one-click view mode to hide the editor UX

Build once and scale quickly with reusable components

With dashboard variables, easily change your display data without creating a whole new widget.

  • Bind widgets to common data variables and alter them in view mode to re-render the dashboard for new applications, business transactions, or other supported data

  • Copy and paste widgets to reuse time-based data and style properties

  • Quickly develop new dashboards as your business needs evolve

AppDynamics puts your IT teams at the center of business success

"We can see everything inside both our dynamic container infrastructure and the microservices running inside the containers. AppDynamics gives us unprecedented insight. "

Philippe Dono
Head of the Core Platform and Performance Team, Privalia

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Dashboards and Reports: Dash Studio

AppDynamics Dash Studio (Preview) is a next generation dashboard designed to make building dashboards faster and easier. It is available in the Dash Studio (Preview) tab under Dashboards & Reports.

Dashboard Dos and Don’ts

A custom dashboard lets the user display a specific set of metrics and data points on a single screen. Custom dashboards can show application, server, and database metrics reported by AppDynamics Agents.

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