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Hybrid Cloud Observability

Get deep contextual insights that correlate cloud native and on-premises environments with business outcomes in real-time.

Dynamically scale your infrastructure to meet demands and optimize costs

With visibility into both your traditional systems and newer cloud environments, it’s easier than ever to surface only the important business, end user, or application insights impacting your bottom line.

Accelerate app modernization

With deep, combined visibility into traditional infrastructure and cloud-native services, it’s easy to accelerate growth while managing dependencies both on and off premises

AWS Cloud Native Visibility with Amazon Cloudwatch Integration allows you to navigate cloud platform services in a holistic app landscape that automatically correlates APM data with cloud platform data.

Get business-focused insights across your hybrid cloud environment

Support both the user experience and application performance across your hybrid cloud landscape with powerful business context.

Intelligently resource applications and optimize costs

Make sure your app performance meets customer demand with precise infrastructure resourcing insights for cost optimization.

AppDynamics puts your IT teams at the center of business success


"With the combined strength of AWS and AppDynamics, we were able to seamlessly migrate to the cloud, optimize application delivery to enhance the user experience, and accelerate our digital transformation journey. "

Tomas Huszagh
Software Engineering Manager and DevOps and Operations Lead, Solar Digital

Leverage a world-class network of technologies to support your hybrid cloud innovation

Agents of Transformation 2021: The rise of full-stack observability

Learn how technologists can manage soaring IT complexity by connecting full-stack observability with business context.

Read why a hybrid cloud monitoring builds better business outcomes.

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