Real User Monitoring

Observe the digital experiences of your users and proactively resolve your most critical business issues in real time.

Visualize the user journey with real user monitoring

Monitor the digital experience of your users from start to finish. Reduce MTTR  and analyze data from user sessions, network requests, crash events, and performance bottlenecks in real-time to deliver a seamless UX and accelerate your digital transformation.


Browser and Mobile Real User Monitoring

Optimize your web and mobile experience with full visibility into user behavior and deeply understand the impact of app performance on business outcomes. Segment and analyze session data related to location, device type, operating system, and time spent on each page to gain actionable insights and improve your user experience.

See how customers interact with browser and mobile applications

Experience Journey Map (ExJM) lets you see how customers interact with browser-based apps and identify opportunities for optimization to deliver the experience they demand. With a full view across the entire web and mobile application experience, ExJM supports all stakeholders in your digital experience — from application owners to IT operations and developers alike.

Real user data, real time metrics, really happy customers

Improve customer service and conversions with detailed metrics that provide usage information in real time. Track page flow, bounce rates, and the effect of business transactions on key performance indicators. Make decisions quickly and reduce MTTR with real-time data from user interactions.

Browser Synthetic Monitoring vs. RUM

Browser Synthetic Monitoring improves the application end-product by identifying potential performance issues through deploying scripts that simulate user paths. RUM identifies long-term trends and measures the immediate impact of performance issues on business outcomes by tracking actual user journeys for a comprehensive view of the overall experience.

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