The Container Store

The Container Store Puts Application Issues in a Box with AppDynamics

Founded in 1978 and based in Coppell, Texas, The Container Store is the nation’s original and leading retailer of storage and organization products, offering more than 10,000 innovative and multifunctional solutions designed to simplify customers’ lives, save space and, ultimately, save time.

The Container Store turned the battle against household clutter into a $884 million business, offering a seemingly endless variety of attractive boxes, bins and baskets for neatly stowing excess stuff.


The operations team at The Container Store lacked the tools to proactively uncover performance issues, and they worried about the toll that continued outages and slowdowns were taking on customers.

Operations only learned of an issue after a problem or outage had already had an impact on a customer.


Deployed AppDynamics and set up alerts to notify a developer when repeat problems occurred.

Operations began performing daily load testing and performance testing.

Deviations from The Container Store's baseline, along with any errors, were found and fixed in the test environment.


New proactive approach to performance management.

More efficient use of development resources.

Improved customer experience.

We've yet to find a data point that we cannot get from AppDynamics.