WildFly Monitoring

Make sure your WildFly apps are business-ready

WildFly, formerly known as JBoss AS, or simply JBoss, is a lightweight, cloud-friendly managed application server authored by JBoss and now developed by RedHat. Powerful enough for enterprise use, JBoss provides a full Java Enterprise Edition (JEE) stack and middleware portfolio to accelerate application development, deployment, and automation. WildFly runs on multiple platforms and enables developers to focus on the actual business architecture, rather than endless amounts of coding to connect all the working parts. This flexibility and business focus makes AppDynamics the perfect application performance management solution for WildFly environments.

From development and testing through operations, AppDynamics manages application performance in both business and IT contexts. Deploy your WildFly applications more quickly and confidently, knowing how application performance impacts your IT environment and your business. AppDynamics installs quickly, has the most scalable architecture in the industry and analyzes application and business KPIs together in a single, unified platform. WildFly applications have never been so business-ready.

Business-Centric Management

  • Automatically discover business transactions, giving visibility into application performance in real time

  • Quickly pinpoint root causes wherever they are in the infrastructure and map them to business KPIs

  • Resolve business-critical performance issues faster by seeing what’s happening through the eyes of the user

Cross-Domain Monitoring

  • See your entire WildFly application topology with automated discovery and dynamic baselining

  • Manage WildFly application performance across complex environments with any number of processes and hosts

  • Save time and reduce complexity with unified monitoring across complex heterogeneous environments

Scalable, Multi-Device Monitoring

  • Monitor WildFly applications running on any device—correlating application performance with user experience on smart phones, tablets, laptops and more

  • Understand application issues by device to pinpoint development needs

  • Improve release quality and speed MTTR with highly specific root cause analysis

Modern Cloud Monitoring

  • Monitor the connectivity, responsiveness, and scalability of WildFly cloud applications in real time

  • See volatile web, virtualized, and containerized application issues before users are impacted

  • Drive business value by maintaining optimum user experience everywhere

Memory and JVM visibility

  • Get an in-depth view of heap and garbage collection, object instance, real-time memory use, and all properties in JVM environments

  • Identify memory leaks and garbage collection issues to minimize application response times and CPU usage

  • Know immediately where to make changes to continuously maintain stable, high-performing WildFly applications


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