Agents are plug-ins or extensions that monitor the performance of your application code, runtime, and behavior. They are deployed to every corner, from devices to containers and hosts to application. The Controller receives metrics from Agents and sends them instructions. All of this performance activity is displayed via the Controller UI.


Once deployed, Agents immediately monitor every line of code. Unique tags are assigned to every method call and every request header. This allows AppDynamics to trace every transaction from start to finish—even in modern, distributed applications.

Supported platforms: AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud and multi-cloud.


Agents capture performance activity across application code, servers and network nodes with minimal overhead. The Controller is updated in real-time, even in hyper-complex applications with thousands of agents. The Controller helps monitor, troubleshoot and analyze your entire application landscape—from backend infrastructure to the end user—in one simple interface.

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Every application and platform is unique - and so are our agents. Learn more about agents by platform type:

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Monitor and analyze your entire application landscape

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Monitor and analyze your entire application landscape

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"We’re very comfortable with AppDynamics. We were able to deploy agents to thousands of application instances with no impact or risk to our production environment.”

Glenn Trattner, Associate Vice President, Technology, Application Services, DIRECTV

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