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AI-powered application performance monitoring for
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Performance is the common denominator for every application, every technology, every organization. AppDynamics is an application performance monitoring (APM) solution that helps drive this business performance in today's complex, multi-cloud world.



With the Central Nervous System for IT, AppDynamics and Cisco empower businesses with AI-powered insights and automation for anomaly detection, and reduce the amount of time-consuming IT tasks.

Cloud operations

Use AI-powered insights and in-depth business analytics to monitor and manage complex cloud environments, improve performance with greater visibility and scale or migrate cloud environments with confidence.


Gain real-time visibility into your dynamic microservices and container environments, and quickly drill down to the root cause of any application performance issues.


Ship software faster while ensuring flawless end-user experiences in production. A fully integrated “single pane of glass” view drives alignment across teams, improving the quality and speed of software deployments.

Continuous Delivery

Drive successful business outcomes with the confidence that every new software release performs and operates in the intended way.

Unified Monitoring

See everything that matters, with application-centric, fully integrated unified monitoring solution, and identify customer-impacting issues quickly and precisely.


“With AppDynamics, our mean time to detection went from hours to less than 10 minutes, which is a huge win for us.”  

Nemo Hajiyusuf, Software Engineering Manager, Alaska Airlines 

Industries we serve

Financial services

Monitor online banking apps and transactions to drive the best customer experience.


Enable seamless application performance in the highly regulated healthcare industry.


Take your digital strategy from good to great by ensuring optimal eCommerce performance.


Navigate the complexity of insurance applications with real-time performance monitoring.

Media & Entertainment

Keep your on demand users satisfied by delivering engaging content at peak performance.


Gain visibility into applications for cloud migration projects for government agencies.

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