John Aronson

John Aronson

John Aronson is a Senior Consultant at AppDynamics who advises customers to help them practice APM effectively. John previously worked at OpTier Inc and has been working in the APM space since 2002 as a consultant and developer.

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The AppD Approach: Database Monitoring with Service Endpoints

I keep running into cases where the 80/20 rule (also known as the Pareto Principle) helps me prioritize my efforts in APM. I find that 80% of my problems are easy to fix, and once they are fixed, they stay that way. The other 20% require constant attention. It’s even tougher when one of the […]


The AppD Approach: How to Identify Problematic Database Queries with Business Transactions

It happens all the time: the engineers notice your application is slowing down just as a health rule fires a warning. Now you are in a race to identify and fix the issue before customers feel its impact. One tried-and-true solution is database query optimization. But how do you know which queries to optimize? And […]