Kamlesh Shah

Kamlesh Shah

Kamlesh, Chief Architect, Strategic Solutions Sales Engineering at AppDynamics, is a seasoned technologist with experience in various network technologies and cloud and application performance monitoring systems. He has worked with global enterprises as well as small and large service providers to solve customer business and technical challenges. A Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert (CCIE) for more than 15 years, Kamlesh has represented Cisco and its ecosystem partners at numerous industry events.

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AppDynamics & ThousandEyes Join Forces to Deliver the Most Complete End-to-end Visibility Into the Modern Digital Experience

There was a time when most critical apps and services ran in the data center. This was a simpler time, when IT still had full control over the app stack, network, and infrastructure. But times have changed. Today, the IT industry is being driven by disaggregation and migration to hybrid and multicloud architectures. The modernization […]


Holy moly, one year already?!

I can’t believe it’s already been one year into my journey with AppDynamics. This has been one of the best transitions in my career of more than 25 years, and I feel like it just started yesterday. For me, it all began back in January 2017, when Cisco announced their intent to acquire AppDynamics. Although […]


Why Application Intelligence + Network Intelligence Equals Better Business Outcomes

As more enterprises distribute applications not only between data centers, but also across data centers and multiple clouds, the application footprint is growing in size and complexity. And with companies increasingly relying on better end-to-end performance as a key requirement for business success, performance implications for these highly distributed and scalable applications are greater than […]