Tim Chinchen

Tim Chinchen

Tim joined the AppDynamics EMEA Presales team in 2013, before his life in APM, he worked in Geographical Information Systems (GIS) specialising in Enterprise accounts and responsible for some of the largest deployments of these systems in Insurance and Telco verticals. He's a (not so secret) .NET geek and whilst he doesn't have Customer performance issues keeping him awake at night (all solved by AppDynamics!) he does have 2 young boys to fill the void!


5 .NET Performance Issues Where Dev and Ops Play the Blame Game

I spend a large portion of my time working with customers to review performance issues in production environments. I was asked by some colleagues to share some insight into some of the more interesting findings. Before launching into a list of offenders, I think it’s worth explaining how often I hear the phrase “We need […]


Monitoring ADO.NET Performance

One of the most overlooked parts of .NET is the glue that links your application through to a database known as ADO.NET (an evolution of ActiveX Data Objects). The lowly connection string is the only real access we get to the underlying technology. I was with a client recently and noticed they had the following […]

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Improving GIS performance with AppDynamics

Twenty years ago I started my professional career working in a niche field of IT called Geographical Information Systems (GIS) – basically mapping systems. This is an area where Big Data was prevalent, long before the term was officially coined, GIS covered a range of concepts from satellite imagery and aerial photography processing to geo-demographic […]