Vasu Pasupuleti

Vasu Pasupuleti

Vasu Pasupuleti is a technical lead and a founding engineer of IoT Performance Monitoring Product at AppDynamics. He is an experienced embedded systems and full stack engineer who's also worked at Qualcomm and Apple. Vasu holds a Masters in Computer Science at Purdue University.


Getting Ready for Connected Enterprises: How We Built AppDynamics IoT Monitoring Platform

The AppDynamics End User Monitoring product has certainly evolved over time. It first launched in 2013 to monitor web applications running on browsers. Then, to address the shift of increasing mobile activity (thanks in large part to the introduction of the iPhone), we added support in 2014 to monitor iOS and Android applications. And now, […]

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The Importance of Business and Performance KPIs for IoT Applications

Over the last few years, the Internet of things (IoT) has become a trending phrase for consumers and a top priority for businesses embarking on their digital transformation. Even with the growth and interest in IoT however, the meaning can still confuse people. So, what is IoT? IoT is a network of things connected to […]