AppDynamics turns cloud native chaos into business context

November 29 2022

Business transaction insights now on AppDynamics Cloud, delivers visibility with context through AIOps-driven alerts that help identify, prioritize and resolve the most business-critical issues first.

The lack of full visibility and correlated insights across cloud native environments are causing monumental challenges for IT leaders. Those without cloud observability tools have teams on the frontline of app delivery spending countless cycles searching for root causes of known, but unseen, degradations to user experience. Or worse, they’re rendered unable to fully understand how an issue does or does not directly impact business-critical applications and the bottom line. As a veteran engineering and development leader and Executive CTO at AppDynamics, I understand firsthand the very real struggle IT leaders are facing as modern application pipeline complexity skyrockets.

That’s why — on behalf of the AppDynamics team — I’m thrilled to announce new capabilities in AppDynamics Cloud. With business transaction insights, teams gain real time observability for better control of app experiences and can easily discern when and where business-critical apps are impacted.

Introducing business transaction insights: Seeing what’s possible in the chaos

The ability to observe and optimize business transactions has become essential in driving revenue streams, but the complexity of cloud native environments means ops teams are left piecing together data from a dozen or more tools that can only show what’s working within individual silos, without context to how well it’s working compared to business objectives. But that ends today. With business transaction insights in AppDynamics Cloud, technologists can now combine the value of a continuous context experience with business-critical application observability to help IT leaders prove ROI for technology investments, in real-time.

Business transaction monitoring is at the heart of our application performance monitoring strategy. As we innovate for the future and develop new cloud-native solutions, it’s critical to know that through innovations such as business transaction insights, Cisco AppDynamics can support our cloud-native landscapes as well as our traditional environments.” —Vincent Lamonde, Director of Cloud Operations, Insurity

AppDynamics Cloud’s unique continuous context experience

The launch of AppDynamics Cloud at Cisco Live in June was met with great enthusiasm and for good reason. Rather than bolting on cloud native capabilities to our existing application performance monitoring platform, we started with a clean slate — building an AI-assisted observability solution that enables a comprehensive understanding of app behavior through a continuous context experience. Now, SREs and DevOps teams can quickly view and continuously analyze all cloud native observability dimensions of a focus point in a single tool and take actions to optimize for user experiences and business outcomes. As teams analyze their cloud native focus points, the experience continuously provides context across dimensions of cross-domain relationships, interaction dependencies and cross-MELT (metrics, events, logs and traces) data.

AppDynamics + AWS: Better together

Already providing public cloud visibility and monitoring for workloads running on AWS, our new capability combines business transaction monitoring with AppDynamics Cloud continuous context. Better together, the contextualized experience for quick navigation across telemetry types enables teams to leverage the multiple cloud native observability dimensions drawn from OpenTelemetry and AWS CloudWatch. Now, teams can correlate and optimize the most important experiences — and business outcomes.

Register for our webinar and learn more about AppDynamics Cloud, our vision for observability and how business transaction insights can help you cut through the noise.


Joe Byrne is Vice President of Technology Strategy and Executive CTO at AppDynamics, where his primary focus is on working with customers and prospects on observability strategy and helping with digital transformations. He also works closely with sales, marketing, product and engineering on product strategy. Prior to AppDynamics, Joe held technology leadership roles at Albertsons, EllieMae and Johnson & Johnson.

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