A look Into AppDynamics San Francisco HQ

July 10 2018

AppDynamics San Francisco HQ office is right in the heart of downtown San Francisco and is home to 600 employees of our 2,000-person global organization.

The SF office is right in the heart of downtown San Francisco and is home to 600 employees of our 2,000-person global organization. Located in the North Tower of 303 2nd St. Plaza, it’s just a few blocks away from the SF shopping center and the Ferry Building. AppDynamics currently occupies the 7th and 8th floors of our building, where we have an amazing view of the city.

When you walk into our lobby, you’ll be greeted by our amazing AppDynamos at the front desk. You’ll also find a wall filled with all of the patents and awards that AppDynamics has received.

Once you step inside the office, you might notice balloons with numbers floating by desks. We always celebrate work anniversaries here with balloons and doughnuts! Each number represents how many years you’ve been at AppDynamics.

We have an open desk seating layout with no enclosed offices, allowing you to sit across from your manager or even VP. Our execs don’t even have offices, and they sit on the 8th floor. Each area has an open meeting space with Spark boards, our meeting tool where we can wirelessly present, whiteboard, video or audio conference, and annotate shared content, which makes it easy to connect with all of our fellow AppDynamos across the world.

Each meeting area is uniquely themed and you’ll see plenty of meetings taking place in these conference rooms. The themes range from celebrities like Marilyn Monroe to San Francisco landmarks like Dolores Park. We partnered with local artists to design the art in the conference rooms. Check out our conference room named “Graffiti” on the 8th floor, for example.


Once you walk onto our 7th floor, you’ll find a bike rack that’s easily accessible to all employees, as well as our Innovation Lab, where all of our think tanks happen.

Bike Racks

Innovation Lab

Our balcony is also located on the 7th floor, where employees can hang out or work outside and enjoy the sunshine.

Balcony on the 7th floor

In our Zen room, you’ll find our massage therapists giving massages to our employees. Each SF employee gets a 15-minute massage every week!

Each floor has a kitchen area that we call Town Hall. All of our company-wide all-hands and organization meetings happen here, but this is mostly where everyone hangs out during lunch. We have awesome food perks, which include snack walls, an assortment of beverages, unlimited coffee, catered breakfast on Mondays, and lunch on Wednesdays. We also have bowls filled with fresh fruits and avocados every day!

Town Hall

One of my personal favorite perks includes an iced coffee bar that comes every month from Phin Bar. Phin Bar (pictured) is an urban brew bar that serves Vietnamese-inspired coffee drinks, combined with house-made, locally sourced ingredients — all prepared cocktail-style.

Within each Town Hall, you’ll also find games like ping pong, shuffleboard, and foosball, plus arcade games like Pac-Man and Street Fighter that are rotated out monthly. The Town Hall is ultimately a place of celebration and gathering. We celebrate every holiday here thanks to our amazing workplace team. We celebrate happy hours and have done themed happy hours for events like Spirit Week, Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day (pictured), ice cream celebrations, Pride breakfast (pictured), and many more. You can occasionally see team celebrations here as well as meet-ups hosted by our employees!


Summer in the city is always filled with energy and excitement. Right now, we’re airing the World Cup on the monitors in our Town Halls with employees cheering for their favorite teams.

What I’m most excited for this summer is the opening of our new floor spaces. AppDynamics is currently in the process of building out additional office space as well as a formal Customer Experience Center. We’re building out two brand new floors on the 6th & 9th with all-new equipment. The 6th floor should be finished by August.

Here’s a sneak peek…

Michele Tse
Michele Tse is a San Francisco native who is now based out of New York. She runs the University Recruitment program here at AppDynamics and has been here for a little over a year. Her interests include traveling, community building, cooking, health, fitness, and music.

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