Inspiring Women Making Their Mark on the Tech World [Infographic]

March 16 2017

Explore statistics about women in tech and learn about inspiring, successful female tech moguls and their accomplishments.

More than one tenth of the total private sector payroll in the US goes straight to workers in the tech industry. And despite some well-established stereotypes, tech isn’t just a man’s world. There are an estimated 2.3 million women in computer training, biotechnology, data processing, wireless telecommunications, computer operation, computer systems analysis, and more. While some young girls have misconceptions about the tech industry, educators and parents have been taking steps to pique girls’ interest and solidify their confidence in science and tech at a young age—such as enrolling in STEM classes early on.

With so many incredible, successful female techpreneurs motivating men and women alike, women everywhere are already changing the face of tech. With their inspiration, and initiatives to support and nurture young girls’ interest in computer science, women’s impact on tech will undoubtedly continue to grow. Read on to learn more about inspiring women in tech and some of their top accolades.

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