Intern Spotlight: Dataflow Monitoring at AppDynamics’ Bangalore Office

November 01 2018

AppDynamics interns have the opportunity to play a critical role in our product development. Read one intern's experience working on a dataflow monitoring project in our Bangalore office.

My journey with AppD started when I interned at AppD’s Bangalore office this year and it was one of the best experiences I’ve had. Not only was it a great learning experience in terms of the exposure to the work culture, but it also helped in shaping my approach towards handling various situations in life. The tasks – while challenging – helped me understand how things function at AppD. At the same time, AppD also provided me with a platform to prove to myself that I definitely belong here.

The first thing I noticed was how well structured and planned the whole internship program was, both in terms of the project I was working on and the guidance of my mentors and managers. From day one, there was clarity on the deliverables and what was expected from me. This was great for someone like me, who always prefers things to be well defined. I also had the freedom to explore and come up with my own ideas and suggestions to tackle the problem at hand.

I worked on a POC that was related to monitoring applications built using Big Data technologies. The best part about this was the opportunity to work on the latest technologies like Kafka and Kafka Streams. I was assigned the task to extend the POC that was in progress to support the drill down for Kafka Streams. This will provide deep visibility into the performance of the stream components.  I had about 10 weeks to complete this task. One of the things I appreciated most was there was always something new for me to learn to improve my knowledge base.

This project had many prerequisites for me to understand, starting with the concepts of Java Agent, Controller, Business Transactions, Java Instrumentation and then subsequently, Apache Kafka, and Kafka Streams Transformations. It definitely wasn’t easy, but the support and mentorship I received from AppD ensured things went as smoothly as they could.

I was quite lucky to work under the guidance of my mentor, Sumit Maheshwari, during the period of my internship. More than just being a mentor, Sumit was an excellent teacher. It was a pleasure for me to be able to contribute to the project he’s been working on for a few months now, even though my work is just the tip of the iceberg in the entire concept of the POC.

Furthermore, it was such an amazing opportunity to work under Ashish, and get his insights into the work I was doing, and his motivation throughout the internship tenure. I would also like to thank the entire APM team for helping me whenever I needed them and for all the support the team gave me.

Some fun facts that made the office such a great place to work: Free food and snacks throughout the entire day. I would sip tea and have biscuits or chips whenever I felt like it, which was lovely. I can definitely go on writing about the cricket pitch, the foosball tables, the table tennis and pool table, where I always found myself after a good day’s work. Not to mention, a complete gymnasium within the office, which I definitely plan on joining when I come back next year.

The entire experience was just amazing for me. I never thought it would go this well and I would like to thank the entire management team for making it worthwhile right from the day of on-boarding to the last day of my internship.

Though I am excited to return to my M. Tech in CSE program at IIIT Hyderabad, I am also  eagerly waiting for next year to come back to AppD and carry forward with the same energy and enthusiasm.

Krishna Dwypayan

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