AppDynamics’ New Portfolio of Hybrid Cloud Solutions Optimize App Performance in Business Context

November 05 2020

We’re excited to announce a suite of new capabilities designed to help IT teams build cloud-native applications with confidence.

Technologists are adopting cloud services faster than ever before in response to COVID-19. In our 2020 Agents of Transformation Report, we found that 71% of 1,000 technologists surveyed have had to implement digital transformation projects within weeks, rather than the months or years it would have taken before the pandemic.

And while new cloud technologies have delivered flexibility for businesses looking to deliver seamless customer and employee digital experiences, they have also led to more complex and distributed application architectures — and as a result, huge challenges for enterprise technologists who typically rely on traditional IT systems to run the business and now find themselves operating in a hybrid environment they’re not equipped to visualize end-to-end.

That’s why we’re excited to announce the release of a suite of new capabilities designed to help IT teams build cloud-native applications with confidence as they face mounting pressure to innovate.

Introducing the 100% complete approach to hybrid cloud visibility

With our new context-sensitive visualization interface, correlated insights across domains, and intelligent resource optimization, IT operations leaders will now be able to reduce noise and surface only the most business-critical insights across these unique hybrid cloud environments.

Our new portfolio of cloud capabilities closes that visibility gap by connecting traditional systems with cloud-native services — all in the context of business outcomes — with the visibility and insight you need to take action.


visibility insight action appdynamics cisco


These new capabilities include the following:

Full Stack Observability Platform

A new data platform designed to increase visibility and seamlessly ingest data from multiple sources, including AppDynamics agent-based data, open-source tools, and agent-less services that correlate the data across domains. All of your metrics, events, logs, and trace data will now be ingested into a common repository for deriving insights from applications on public and hybrid clouds.

Cloud Data Collector

An extensible architecture for capturing and automating data collection and correlating cloud services with application code, user experience, and business impact to provide full-stack, context-rich observability. Starting with Amazon Web Services’ (AWS) monitoring and observability service, Amazon CloudWatch, and then expanding to incorporate additional public and private cloud environments.


full stack observability platform appdynamics cisco


Cloud Native Visualization

A new visualization interface that reduces the complexity of monitoring cloud-native applications with a context-sensitive, easy-to-understand, visual representation. The redesigned dynamic topology enables you to make decisions more effectively by showing as few context-relevant choices as possible and sorting datasets by specific properties.


cloud native visualization appdynamics cisco


Intelligent Application Resourcing and Cost Optimization

An integration with Cisco Intersight Workload Optimizer transforms operations from reactive to proactive by optimizing infrastructure resources and costs in hybrid cloud environments. Utilize machine intelligence to drive automated resourcing decisions on-premises and in the public cloud.


cisco iwo platform appdynamics


See the new capabilities in action

As IT teams adopt more cloud-native services to meet the digital demands of their users, the challenge to refactor applications and design new features at scale becomes increasingly challenging without holistic visibility and business context across all environments.

Cisco and AppDynamics’ new cloud-native capabilities are now generally available. Learn more about how to access these new services here, and watch our webinar, Correlating Hybrid Cloud App Performance to Digital Experiences and the Business, to see an example of these capabilities in action.

Shreyans Parekh
Shreyans Parekh is a Senior Manager at AppDynamics, where he manages go-to-market strategy across product releases and is focused on innovation in the areas of End User Monitoring (EUM), Cloud Migration and IoT. His writing has appeared in publications by Intuit, IBM Bluewolf, New Relic, Apttus and the University of Michigan Ross School of Business. He can be reached on Twitter @ShreyParekh.

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