2nd Annual AppDynamics “Partners of the Year” Extend Geographical Presence, Promote Integrated Solutions, and Support Customer Innovation

October 29 2020

Here, we recognize the achievements of our innovative Channel Partners in our 2nd Annual Partner of the Year awards.

It’s been another record year for the AppDynamics Channel, despite the global headwinds facing all businesses large and small. In fact, the momentum set into place over the past few years is marked by the continued stellar performance of AppDynamics Partners. This past fiscal year, over 80% of deals were touched by our Partners, a huge accomplishment in any “normal” business year. 2020 was obviously different, and we wanted to profoundly thank our Partners for their continued and incredible business efforts.

As established last year, we’re taking a moment to recognize the achievements of these Partners by designating one partner in each region as our Partner of the Year.

These awards aren’t solely based on revenue generation — we also looked at our Partners’ value-add to close deals as well as their commitment to innovating to drive customer outcomes through marketing campaigns, digital events, technical innovations, and their ongoing AppDynamics practices. Each award winner brings unique capabilities, but if there’s one thing they have in common, it’s their focus on introducing automation to help remediate issues fast and relieve IT Ops teams of mundane tasks.

A prime example of how our partners continue to push innovative solutions forward: Cisco’s acquisition of ThousandEyes. This acquisition was enthusiastically received by our channel partners, and each regional winner below is now showcasing to their customers the frictionless handoff between network and application operations teams for reduced remediation times.

Americas Winner: World Wide Technology (WWT)

We’ve been continuously impressed by WWT’s multiple technology initiatives, all of which feature AppDynamics in some capacity. Their Advanced Technology Center (ATC) is a collaborative ecosystem that helps enterprises design, build, and deploy new technology products within an overall integrated architectural solution. WWT is committed to ensuring customers realize the benefits of AppDynamics, and their Application Implementation Review (AIR Check) finetunes implementations to optimize their value. AppDynamics is also part of ORA (Operational Readiness Assessment), WWT’s AIOps Consultative Engagement offering.

Tanner Bechtel, who leads the WWT Application Performance Monitoring (APM) and Artificial Intelligence IT Operations (AIOps) division, welcomed the news of the award.

“Being recognized with this award is a testimony to the ongoing investment we at WWT have made in AppDynamics. We view AppDynamics as not just a market-leading APM vendor, but also a foundational component of our AIOps ecosystem. AppDynamics integrates with areas such as ITSM, alerting, and cloud-native technologies, and with the new joint ThousandEyes solution, a compelling proposition is made even stronger.”
Tanner Bechtel, Global Director, Artificial Intelligence IT Operations, WWT

EMEA Winner: NTT Ltd.

Our activities with global technology services vendor NTT has expanded across multiple geographies over the last year, with mutual customers now spanning multiple continents as momentum accelerates. Being an existing ThousandEyes partner means they are ideally positioned to explain how internet and hybrid cloud visibility from AppDynamics combined with ThousandEyes can help master changes in the traditional enterprise perimeter.

“We are honored to receive an award that is a recognition of our focus and investments in the partnership with AppDynamics. NTT partnered with AppDynamics to create Visibility and Performance Management (VPM) solutions to help businesses manage their complex hybrid IT environments. Our plan is to expand our footprint in Europe further, with initiatives like the recent creation of a VPM competency center in Hungary. This award is of great inspiration to continue and accelerate the growth of our joint business.”
David Hubert, Senior Vice President, GTM Europe for NTT Ltd.

Recently, together with NTT, we launched a VPM campaign called “Taming complexity,” focused on how enterprises can create automated, intelligent infrastructures that ensure an optimal customer experience 24/7. The integration with ThousandEyes and our unique SAP monitoring capabilities are part of this new campaign, reflecting the multi-product solution NTT has developed.

Asia Pacific Winner: SoftPRO Tech

Completing the awards list is SoftPRO Tech, a company that’s made an immediate impact in Asia since becoming part of the AppDynamics Partner Program — to the extent that we have added a business development lead in Taiwan to help meet demand in the region. SoftPRO Tech is one of a growing number of “low-touch” partners, who can drive the majority of sales cycle stages.

“We are delighted to be chosen for this award, which completes an incredible first 12 months as an AppDynamics partner. Demand for highly performant applications in these current times has helped us grow revenue significantly in sectors such as financial services. Key enablers for further growth will be the complementary ThousandEyes capabilities and supporting customers with AIOps adoption best practices. In parallel, SoftPRO Tech is continuing extensive enablement and certification of its technical teams.”
Gary Sun, Technical Director at SoftPRO Tech

Our Channel Partners have played an increasingly important role in identifying organizations that experience challenges in building and deploying key applications across complex environments.

For those organizations embarking on cloud migration, SAP optimization, or taming their complex infrastructure, we encourage you to learn more about the AppDynamics Partner Program and how our continued partnerships enable digital transformation while ensuring application performance globally.

And remember, we’ve extended our COVID-19 Assist program for anyone new to AppDynamics who wants to experience the power of our APM solution.

Ryan Shopp
Ryan Shopp is the global leader for channel and partner marketing at AppDynamics.

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