AppDynamics receives AWS Lambda ready designation — and what that means for your business

April 28 2020

We've received special designation with the new AWS Service Ready Program. Learn more about what that means for your business.

As brick and mortar retail stores have been forced to shutter around the world due to COVID-19, e-commerce is becoming more vital to the survival of many businesses, large and small. With this shift, inevitably, there are logistical challenges in transforming retail operations solely into digital ones. 

But even for those with an established online presence, dramatic increases in users and traffic to e-commerce applications means new challenges around capacity planning and managing application performance. In fact, transaction volume in most retail sectors saw a 74% increase in volume in March 2020, compared with the same time last year.

While the world finds its footing in response to the global health crisis, it’s safe to say that optimizing digital experiences has risen to the top of the list of priorities for IT teams. And, with the holiday shopping season fast-approaching, finding solutions to address related challenges takes on even more urgency. 

For one e-commerce company, this new reality has meant proactively planning for higher-than-ever sales through its mobile app and underlying infrastructure, which is powered in part by AWS. But without full monitoring of their most critical applications, they were flying blind. What they needed was a way to see into every facet of their environment, including AWS cloud serverless resources like AWS Lambda. Ultimately, they turned to AppDynamics for help.

Automatic Application Flow Map and New AWS Service Ready Designation

All IT teams want the full picture of their application environment. It was no different for the e-commerce company that turned to AppDynamics for help.

But the ephemeral nature of serverless compute is problematic when it comes to serverless monitoring. That’s because the dependency implies the configuration of environmental characteristics, such as throttling limits, and the potentially complex interactions between various re-try behaviors. And that’s before you add the inevitable dependencies of existing application services into the mix. This is why end-to-end visibility is critical to managing technical risk in the overall system, however scalable the serverless components might be. 

No matter the complexity of the challenge, AppDynamics has always operated with acute awareness and support for providing end-to-end visibility into cloud environments. We’ve invested heavily in our relationship with AWS, and it’s how we were able to give the aforementioned e-commerce company the tools they needed to get the critical visibility their business required during day-to-day operations and seasonal spikes.

Today, we’re excited that this ongoing investment has resulted in a special designation within the new AWS Service Ready Program, which helps customers identify and evaluate new tools that integrate seamlessly with AWS. With our new AWS Lambda Ready designation, AppDynamics Serverless APM has been validated as a low-effort integration that provides usage-based, deep visibility into AWS Lambda. This is our fourth AWS designation, along with AWS Competencies for Cloud Migration, DevOps, and SAP.

Our product integration with AWS Lambda is available in the AWS Marketplace for Java and Node.js languages and is fully supported for AWS customers. AWS Service Ready Partners have demonstrated success in building products integrated with AWS services, helping AWS customers evaluate and use their technology productively, at scale, and with varying levels of complexity. 

How Serverless APM for AWS Lambda Benefits Your IT Organization

Application monitoring solutions must address the needs of increasingly complex and highly distributed IT environments. That’s why AppDynamics delivers end-to-end visibility while letting you dig deeper into application calls between various services, as well as access to upstream and downstream data. And, unlike other APM vendors, our agents automatically create a service flow map and capture relevant metrics on the fly. All in all, this translates to unparalleled surfacing of insights so you can make smarter decisions, faster, and with business context.

The Agility You Need to Drive Business Forward

No matter how complex our worldand our IT environmentsbecome, we’re dedicated to helping our customers achieve key business outcomes through cloud adoption and digital transformation. By leveraging the agility, breadth of services, and pace of innovation that AWS provides, we continue a long history of investment in the technology that helps drive your IT organization and broader business forward.

We welcome you to learn more about the new AWS Lambda Ready Program and check out AppDynamics Serverless APM for yourself. Are you an existing customer interested in learning more? Complete this form and we’ll reach out with details.

Vikram Parmar
Vikram is a technology enthusiast and marketer at AppDynamics.

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