Forrester Reveals ROI of AppDynamics with Cisco

July 24 2018

In this economic impact study from Forrester, you’ll gain research-backed insights into the cost savings and business benefits you can expect from AppDynamics APM and its integration with Cisco technology.

Over 90% of IT decision makers find a business case valuable to validate their technology investments.  For customers on their digital transformation journey, they specifically want to understand the projected ROI of AppDynamics APM.

We commissioned Forrester Consulting to evaluate “What is the business impact of AppDynamics APM?”  In their newly released Total Economic Impact™ (TEI) study, you’ll get insights into the cost savings and business value enterprises can realize with AppDynamics APM—and now that we are part of Cisco, how it can create additional advantage for customers also using Cisco technology.

Forrester interviewed and surveyed several customers who have used AppDynamics APM for years, across industries including healthcare, financial services, and retail.

Five key quantitative benefits emerged as representative of the companies who participated:

#1: IT Operations and Help Desk Time Savings

  • Faster root-cause identification with AppDynamics APM decreased mean-time-to-resolve by 65% for IT groups

  • IT groups were able to avoid time consuming war room triage sessions

  • Help desks received 30% fewer calls for support

  • Estimated IT savings: $2.8 million present value (PV) over three years

#2: End User Productivity Recovery

  • Business end users recovered an average of eight minutes of productivity per incident when uninterrupted by performance or outage issues

  • Estimated savings:  ~$8.5 million over three years

#3: Development Reduction Savings

  • AppDynamics early detection capabilities allowed developers to spot issues at a code level and quickly fix errors before releasing work into production

  • Fewer test & debugging cycles were required even as environments became more complex

  • Estimated savings from cycle reduction: nearly $4 million across three years and 45%

#4: Time-to-Value Benefit of Faster Application Delivery

  • With accelerated application delivery, natively coded projects were released as much as four months (or half of original expectations) faster

  • Assuming an internal rate of return of 30%, an organization can net as much as $1.1 million PV over three years, excluding any application revenue generation

#5: Application Monitoring and Detection Tool Consolidation

  • Consolidation in tools with AppDynamics provided level of insights that enabled customers to reduce their stack by as much as 70%

  • Maintaining these tools typically cost 20% of the licensing (or production for internal tools)

  • Total combined value of tool rationalization:  $3.6 million PV over three years

AppDynamics and Cisco: Better Together

The research also revealed benefits for customers that leverage AppDynamics together with Cisco. Forrester highlights: “With AppDynamics and Cisco, customers have a single view across their environment, with insightful visibility into both the software and now the hardware stack. Remediation is faster and customers become more proactive to avoid performance degradation.”

You can download Forrester’s exclusive study today to access the ROI data you need to make the business case for AppDynamics APM.  I also invite you to join me for our live webinar featuring Forrester to learn more about APM trends, the TEI methodology, and AppDynamics + Cisco.

Thomas Wyatt
Thomas Wyatt is Chief Marketing & Strategy Officer of AppDynamics with the mandate to fuel the growth engine of the company. Thomas leads marketing, commercialization and growth initiatives, business development (M&A), strategic partnerships, and corporate and technology strategy. Previously, Thomas was the Vice President/General Manager of Cisco's Cloud Analytics Business Unit, leading the company's expansion into application intelligence and sponsoring its $3.7B acquisition of AppDynamics. This group is now part of AppDynamics. During his career at Cisco, Thomas has taken start-ups from concept to #1 market share, scaled high growth ventures to $1B+ in revenue, and executed the cloud transformation for a multi-billion dollar portfolio. Thomas has been the General Manager for a range of businesses spanning analytics, cloud infrastructure, collaboration, and video. Thomas serves as a board advisor and angel investor for promising young tech companies. He is an honors graduate with a B.S. in Finance and in Managing Information Technology from Syracuse University, and completed the Executive Development Program at the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania.

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