How AppDynamics Enables Agents of Transformation

December 13 2018

Agents of Transformation recognize the importance of having the right tools at their fingertips to deliver better business and customer outcomes. See how AppDynamics is critical to their success.


Agents of Transformation are elite technologists with the vision, ambition and talent to drive innovation in their organizations and ensure that technology is shaping a better future for all.

But as well as possessing the right personal skills and big picture thinking to deliver innovation, Agents of Transformation also recognize the importance of equipping themselves with the tools and information they need to enable smarter and faster decisions.

And that’s where AppDynamics fits in. We’re dedicated to enabling and empowering technologists to become Agents of Transformation in order to accelerate the success of the organizations they work for and fast track their own careers.

The Agents of Transformation Handbook explains the importance of real-time, contextual data in delivering more strategic, business and customer-focused outcomes through technology. Any technologist looking to fast track his or her own progression to the top of the technology profession should definitely take the time to read it and reflect on how they could improve on their use of real-time data and insight to achieve their goals.

AppDynamics helps Agents of Transformation to drive excellence across three key areas:

1. Performance

Our Agents of Transformation Research Report showed 96% of Agents of Transformation regard high quality software and applications as fundamental to reaching the customer.

We provide full-stack, unified application and business performance monitoring for a clear, real-time view into the health of digital services, enabling organizations to maintain high quality customer experiences at all times.

2. Real-Time Intelligence

95% of Agents of Transformation state that accurate, contextual data is essential to making the right decisions.

AppDynamics Business iQ provides real-time analysis and automatic correlation of user, application and business performance data. This allows technologists to understand not just what is happening but why, and ensure that every application and every release is driving business value.

3. Adoption

97% of Agents of Transformation focus on how IT supports and drives the business and can talk in terms of commercial success.

AppDynamics empowers technologists to take a strategic approach to technology adoption and investment, ensuring a business and customer-first approach to digital transformation. We help technologists to build a robust business case which enables them to clearly demonstrate the value of our technology platform to internal stakeholders and work with them to build a Joint Success Plan to support their journey to becoming an Agent of Transformation.

But don’t take our word from it – hear what some of the world’s leading Agents of Transformation think:

Michael Makar, Senior IT Manager, World Bank Group, says: “AppDynamics is a key piece of our digital transformation— it’s mandated to be on every single new application and all of our existing applications. It’s providing the data that a variety of different business users need to see what’s actually happening with the user experience, what’s working and what’s not. We couldn’t do it without AppDynamics.”

Meanwhile, Nicolas Matelot, DevOps Manager, La Poste Group, remarks: “With Business iQ, we can link customer experience and activity directly to business KPIs. This level of insight means that as a team, we can iterate on technical evolutions and see the immediate impact to the business. As a team, we can be more strategic and demonstrate our value to the business very easily.”

You can read more about how AppDynamics enables and empowers Agents of Transformation to drive innovation in the Agents of Transformation Handbook.

Begin your journey to becoming an Agent of Transformation today. Click here for more information.

John Rakowski
John Rakowski is Director of Product Marketing for Application Performance Management (APM) and analytics at AppDynamics. Prior to his current role, John was the lead analyst for APM and IT Operational Analytics (ITOA) at Forrester Research helping clients with their APM and analytics strategies. Earlier he worked at Fujitsu and Capgemini architecting and implementing systems management technologies for enterprises in the financial and utilities sectors plus UK government. John has more than 10 years of experience with systems management and monitoring technologies. You can follow John on twitter at

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