The Best Lines from DevOps Days

July 20 2010

The first U.S.-based DevOps event featured John Allspaw from Etsy, John Willis from Opscode, and Patrick Debois, father of the DevOps movement.

AppDynamics recently had the privilege of speaking at the first U.S.-based DevOps event, held at the LinkedIn corporation in Santa Clara. We had some web operations rock stars on hand–including John Allspaw from Etsy, John Willis from Opscode, and Patrick Debois, father of the DevOps movement.

But perhaps the true stars of the event were the 200+ operations and development people in the audience–because it was their Tweets, questions, and ongoing feedback during the event that made it so much fun. Therefore, presented without further commentary, is our personal list of the best quotes from Dev Ops Days:

“If it isn’t monitored, it isn’t production!”

“In Ops you can never exceed expectations, because the expectation is 100% up-time.”

“No matter how careful or good you are, sh!t will happen.”

“If you’re in Ops – you better have metrics. When in doubt – make *&#!@# graphs!”

“Traditional metrics of cpu and memory usage don’t matter to your customers. How ’bout measuring what really matters to your customers?”

“Whether you use ITIL or not is not important – what matters is if you can measure if you are improving!”

“In most organizations, Dev and Ops have misaligned goals. Dev is measured by the number of new features. Ops is measured by 100% uptime. Question: What’s the best way to get 100% uptime? Answer: Don’t introduce any new features or make any changes.”

“The relationship between dev and ops in a company is defined by the release process. You will understand the relationship if you examine this process.”

“If Ops goes to lunch with Ops and Dev goes to lunch with Dev, a low level of efficiency is a certainty.”

“Lack of trust in an organization is really expensive. You can’t villianize others if you know their kids.”

“Ops now has the same pride in their tools that Dev has always had.”

“One part of DevOps is bringing Dev culture and tools into Ops – version control, testing tools, automation tools, and repeatibility with “observability” ”

“Limit your liability by making very small incremental changes.”

“Fail quick, fail often, recover quickly.”

“Lots of focus at web 2.0 startups on new features…but very little focus on the “abilities” – scalability, flexibility, durability.”

“What you need to do is hire smart people and give them root. @#$% Yeah!”

“Even if your organization is not agile, release all the time so that you are experienced when it matters.”

“Unplanned work steals time from planned work.”

Sandy Mappic

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