What’s trending for APAC at Cisco Live 2023 Melbourne

November 15 2023

APAC is leading the way to observability, and we’ll show you why at Cisco Live 2023 Melbourne. Get more details here!

Asia Pacific: leading the way to observability

A recent executive report focused on the observability market singled out the Asia Pacific region (APAC) as the leader in observability solution adoption, pointing to rising levels of urbanization, tech innovation and government support for the digital economy as drivers. As such, APAC-based organizations are outpacing other regions in leveraging observability to gain automated insights across enormous volumes of data flowing through distributed application environments — and using that advantage to pinpoint, prioritize and fix application performance and security issues before they impact business goals and user experience.

Observe what matters

If innovation is on your mind, you’re not alone and you won’t be disappointed at Cisco Live 2023 Melbourne. We’ll start off with a memorable keynote from Ronak Desai, SVP & GM, Cisco AppDynamics and Full-Stack Observability on the future of observability; followed by leadership sessions, technical tracks and demos showcasing solutions for some of the most challenging issues facing modern, digital organizations today.

Join us at Cisco Live 2023 Melbourne to learn more about these challenges and solutions trending in APAC:

Good-bye war rooms: creating the right digital user experiences
Troubleshooting user experience across complex application environments is a significant challenge for application and network teams locked in war rooms, wasting precious time finger-pointing. In APAC, this is particularly relevant due to rapid advancements in telecommunications, cloud computing, IoT and the accelerated adoption of cloud-based strategies in our region. As a result, IT teams using manual processes to monitor and manage workloads and applications are facing big challenges. Recent Cisco AppDynamics research shows 78% of technologists agree — that the volume of data from multi-cloud and hybrid environments is making manual monitoring impossible. But that’s not all, 94% believe a new approach to digital experience monitoring (DEM) is needed within the next two years.

To address this critical issue, Cisco created a bi-directional integration between AppDynamics leading application monitoring (APM) solutions and its best-in-class cloud and internet intelligence from ThousandEyes. Combined, they deliver customer digital experience monitoring (CDEM) with comprehensive end-to-end visibility across all applications, networks and external dependencies. Take a deep dive into the Cisco AppDynamics and ThousandEyes integration at Cisco Live 2023 Melbourne and learn how it can help you ensure business continuity, overcome barriers between NetOps and AppOps and enable teams to address potential issues before users are impacted.

Business risk observability: expand your observability strategy
The substantial growth of application security in APAC that we’ve experienced over the past few years has been fueled by increased user awareness around breaches, more stringent compliance and data protection requirements — and the ever-expanding attack surfaces within complex, distributed app environments. The latter is recognized by 89% of technologists who grapple with these challenges daily. According to Forrester research focused on Asia Pacific, 70% of IT and security leaders view cloud infrastructure — specifically public, multi-cloud and hybrid cloud — as the greatest source of exposure in their organization. And to compound the issues, Forrester reported that the majority of IT and security leaders only meet with business leader counterparts once a month (or less) to discuss which systems are business critical. The same survey points to a lack of proactive remediation due to IT teams juggling various disconnected security tools that don’t provide insights on real-time risk exposure. Cisco Secure Application can help change all that.

To maintain a strong security posture, technology and business leaders need business risk observability to automate discovery and prioritization of vulnerabilities based on the likelihood of impact on business-critical transactions. At Cisco Live 2023 Melbourne, we’ll demonstrate how organizations can leverage Cisco Secure Application, an industry-first evolution in application security, to prioritize remediation based on potential impact to hybrid and cloud native applications in our Business Risk Observability for traditional and modern applications breakout session.

SAP monitoring: observe what matters most
Q3 2023 saw significant growth for SAP across APAC that stemmed from some of the world’s most recognizable brands and organizations of all sizes and industries deploying SAP solutions to solve pressing business challenges. This echoes what we hear from Cisco partners and customers who rely on AppDynamics and the Cisco Observability Platform to deliver insights that support optimal business performance for SAP environments. In fact, Cisco AppDynamics is the only observability solution that can correlate transactions and provide dynamic baselines for both SAP and non-SAP performance data.

Our research shows that 88% of technologists agree — observability with business context will enable them to be more strategic and spend more time on innovation. That’s a win-win for business leaders and end users. Don’t miss the demo for Application Monitoring — Hybrid and Modern to learn how we can help your team visualize process performance and understand anomalies in SAP and non-SAP environments — before they impact the business.

I look forward to connecting soon and encourage you to plan now for upcoming keynotes, leadership sessions, breakouts and technical tracks covering full-stack observability and its use cases. And don’t forget to book your 1:1, in-person meeting with a Cisco executive thought leader!

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