Integrating Cisco AppDynamics and Cisco Cloud Observability for unified hybrid cloud monitoring

July 06 2023

Cisco AppDynamics has reached a significant milestone in supporting traditional and modern application monitoring use cases with AppDynamics and Cisco Cloud Observability.

Many enterprises have yet to complete their journey to modern cloud native architectures, but most have started embracing such a move. We find that most who have begun their journeys use a hybrid approach, often with web front ends hosted in public clouds, distributed containers and microservices and transactional backends hosted in private data centers – a more traditional architecture that often includes commercial business applications like SAP.

The best of both worlds

To solve the challenges involved with such a transformation, Cisco AppDynamics is bringing together the best of both worlds by providing complete, end-to-end visibility of business journeys within AppDynamics and enriching that experience with advanced functionality from Cisco Cloud Observability, powered by the Cisco Observability Platform.

Our commitment to a unified product experience will enable current AppDynamics users to benefit from more advanced Cisco Cloud Observability use cases by seamlessly integrating log analytics, core web vitals for end-user monitoring and cloud/infrastructure troubleshooting.

This strategy will provide:

  • A unified experience that maintains context and consistency across troubleshooting workflows, regardless of which application powers the insights at any given point. This seamless workflow will reduce or eliminate any multi-product complexity for end users.
  • Shared operations for account management, agent management and policies so that everything is centralized, consistent and synchronized.
  • Shared use cases support to provide integrated, multi-product insights for the most common monitoring and troubleshooting activities, including advanced log analytics, Kubernetes® and cloud infrastructure troubleshooting, and Core Web Vitals for user experience monitoring.

Imagine troubleshooting applications and Kubernetes® performance issues within AppDynamics, and then seamlessly, and without losing context, accessing advanced log analytics powered by Cisco Cloud Observability – all within the same troubleshooting workflow. You will get trusted AppDynamics end-to-end business transaction visibility, linked to advanced capabilities from Cisco Cloud Observability to leverage advanced capabilities – effortlessly. It is the best of both worlds.

A unified experience across observability domains

This is a familiar strategic approach AppDynamics has been honing, with one example being our recently released bi-directional integration with Cisco ThousandEyes. We now have network insights from ThousandEyes synthetic monitoring embedded into the user experience dashboard and troubleshooting workflow, allowing one to quickly isolate application root causes from network/internet root causes. This integration also enables ThousandEyes to recommend new synthetic network tests based on application dependency mapping from AppDynamics. In true bi-directional style, ThousandEyes users also benefit from application health indicators correlated with network health using application dependency insights from AppDynamics, enabling ThousandEyes users to be more proactive and help prioritize remediation based on business impact.

And earlier this year, Cisco rolled out game-changing Business Risk Observability features by combining runtime behavior analysis and business transaction mapping from AppDynamics, with application threat and vulnerability detection and protection from Cisco Secure Application and threat and vulnerability scores from Cisco Talos, Kenna and Panoptica to provide business risk scoring. Combining these Cisco security elements provides valuable insights into your company’s threats, allowing you to instantly identify and focus on what matters most to your business and to your customers.

Committed to an integrated experience across Cisco

The strength of Cisco observability solutions lies within the breadth of our portfolio offerings and our ability to combine visibility across products, providing actionable insights that few others can hope to match.

That’s why our new unified experience strategy is essential to our customers’ success and the effectiveness of their digital transformations. We are committed to bringing you the best of Cisco – regardless of where you are in your journey.

And it doesn’t stop here. With new innovations in cost and resource optimization for Cisco Cloud Observability based on the recent acquisitions of Replex and Opsani, our ability, agility and speed will only increase the power of our full-stack observability solutions.  We look forward to detailing these cost and resource optimization capabilities in a future blog as we keep the integration party going

Amit Patel is the Vice President of Engineering at Cisco Full-Stack Observability and AppDynamics where he drives strategy, efforts and delivery across the product portfolio.

Prior to joining AppDynamics in February 2023, he was VP of Engineering for Cisco’s Cloud Networking Team, where he led the engineering team responsible for Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI), Nexus Dashboard Fabric Controller (NDFC) and Cloud ACI product lines. Over the past 20+ years prior to his VP role in Cloud Networking, Amit has been the engineering lead of several successful networking, cloud and storage data center product lines at Cisco.

Before joining Cisco through the Insieme acquisition, Amit was part of the co-founding engineering team at Avi Networks (acquired by VMWare) responsible for data path architecture for Avi Load Balancer product line.  

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