AppDynamics Adds Support for Microsoft Azure Services with Latest Release

October 31 2019

AppDynamics announces support for .NET Core 3.0 with enhanced support for App Service Web Apps, WebJobs, and Azure Functions.

AppDynamics is the premiere choice for enterprises during cloud migration initiatives, thanks to real-time visibility across all application services running in Azure using our Application Intelligence Platform. What’s more, our strategic partnership with Microsoft helps developers drive innovation with deep insights into applications running in Azure, and with the support of widely used services such as App Services, Azure Functions, Service Fabric, Azure SQL and WebJobs.

Support for Open Ecosystems Drives Innovation

Enterprises are innovating by modernizing their existing applications leveraging the Microsoft Azure platform and services. The Microsoft .NET framework has evolved during the last 10 years and helped enterprises build more modern applications. With Microsoft’s support for open ecosystems, developers can now easily build scalable and dynamic application services with the ability to run in high-performance and scalable systems in Azure Cloud and Azure Stack.

Azure App Service is well-received among developers because it supports both Windows and Linux, and has functionality for auto-scaling and high availability, while enabling automated deployments from GitHub, Visual Studio Team Services, or Git repos. AppDynamics provides visibility of Web Apps and Web Jobs running inside App Services using the recent enhancements with its APM .NET language agent. 

Announcing Expanded Support for Serverless APM for Azure Functions

Starting today, we’re expanding our support for Serverless APM for Azure Functions in App Service, which supports instrumenting .NET based applications and microservices. Now you can deploy our latest .NET Agent to monitor Azure Functions using AppDynamics Azure Site Extension for .NET. This same extension was used to monitor Azure Web Apps and Azure Web Jobs, now extended to monitor Azure Functions. This minimizes the need to learn new ways of deploying the APM agent for individual supported Azure services. It also removes any dependencies for changing the application code to instrumentation.

With our latest enhancements to .NET APM agent, AppDynamics provides deeper code instrumentation of applications running in Azure App Service Web Apps and WebJobs. With code-level visibility of application services, developers can easily identify performance bottlenecks as well as anomalies in baselines to determine the extent of impact on the business. Our latest agent release now supports .NET Core 3.0 that runs on both on-premises and in the cloud. Additional features include out-of-the-box visibility into ASP.NET Core 3.0 transactions to monitor their response time end-to-end, and automated root cause analysis using our enhanced AI/ML.

Continued Innovation Aligned with the Latest Azure Functionality

The AppDynamics Application Intelligence Platform provides enterprise-grade, performance insights and analytics to support successful migration to Microsoft Azure. This is achieved by delivering deep, code-level stack traces of your applications running in Azure and dependency maps of Azure services. Our platform gives you the confidence to move applications to the cloud without disrupting the business, and while ensuring flawless end-user experiences.

For more information on this update, check out AppDynamics Documentation.

Vikram Parmar
Vikram is a technology enthusiast and marketer at AppDynamics.

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