Cisco completes Cisco AppDynamics and Cisco Secure Application IRAP assessment

August 01 2023

Learn why IRAP recognition at the PROTECTED level for Cisco AppDynamics and Cisco Secure Application enables end users to rest assured their applications are secure.

Cisco has completed an Infosec Registered Assessors Program (IRAP) assessment of Cisco AppDynamics and Cisco Secure Application at the PROTECTED level. This milestone represents a crucial step in reaffirming Cisco’s commitment to its Australian public sector customers, including its industry partners. More broadly, this announcement delivers a new level of assurance to all our customers hosted in our Australian SaaS point of presence that their information is secure when using Cisco AppDynamics and Cisco Secure Application.

The independent assessment concluded that Cisco AppDynamics and Cisco Secure Application implemented satisfactory security controls that encompass the fundamentals of policies, processes, and technologies as per the Australian Government Information Security Manual (ISM) requirements at the PROTECTED level. The detailed assessment report of these Cloud Service Provider Security Fundamentals and Cloud Service controls allows our customers to assess and authorize Cisco AppDynamics and Cisco Secure Application into their own private and hybrid cloud application environments as required by the Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC) Cloud Assessment and Authorisation framework.

The IRAP assessment covers all Cisco AppDynamics and Cisco Secure Application services hosted within our existing SaaS point of presence in Amazon Web Services Sydney.

What is IRAP?

The ISM defines the framework and controls that organizations providing services to government agencies must comply with to safeguard the country from cyber incidents. The aim is to protect systems and information from cyber threats using risk management principles. IRAP is a program administered by the ACSC that certifies qualified individuals to perform security assessments against the ISM.

Within IRAP, and under the Australian Government Protective Security Policy Framework, there are four classifications that the ISM defines the applicability of information sensitivity and security: OFFICIAL, PROTECTED, SECRET and TOP SECRET.


Cisco AppDynamics is committed at all levels to the security of customer data. Cisco AppDynamics has developed a comprehensive security program and organization that is supported by leadership who are committed to proactively managing cyber-security risk. By focusing on a secure-by-design approach, Cisco AppDynamics seeks to weave security into its development practices early and layer security across our architecture to protect its corporate services, supply chain, software distribution and customer-facing services.

The Cisco AppDynamics and Cisco Secure Application IRAP Assessment can be viewed at

Read more about this achievement in this corresponding blog post: Cisco AppDynamics completes Australia’s IRAP assessment.

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Scott Samuels is a Cisco AppDynamics APJC Lifecycle Sales Leader. From Canberra, Australia, Scott has over 15 years experience in Australian Federal Government, implementing enterprise solutions in secure environments.

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