Protect cloud native application environments faster — based on business risk with Cisco Secure Application

September 12 2023

Now available: Cisco Secure Application delivers business risk observability for cloud environments.

Today’s digital market leaders are reliant on applications to drive success — but the shift to modern, distributed apps can expand the attack surface, leaving organizations more vulnerable than ever. According to RedHat, 93% of companies experienced a Kubernetes® security incident within the last 12 months and by 2025, Gartner expects 95% of new digital workloads to be deployed on cloud native platforms. These stats represent a 30% surge in cloud native adoption over the next three years and spotlight the growing opportunity for bad actors to target Kubernetes in application environments. In the race to protect highly complex modern application environments, IT teams need shared context and tools that can reduce friction and remove guesswork while prioritizing and remediating threats and vulnerabilities.   

The power of business risk scoring for cloud native app security   

Cisco Secure Application now delivers business risk observability that helps brands prevent revenue-impacting security risks and reduce their overall risk profile. Integrating with Cisco security products, it supports real-time discovery, prioritization and remediation of business-critical vulnerabilities and threats. Now available on the Cisco Observability Platform, Cisco Secure Application expands security visibility and provides risk insights and actionable recommendations to protect cloud native applications.  

Cisco Secure Application high-level capabilities

Locate and highlight security issues across application entities: Quickly and easily correlate security vulnerabilities with application entities such as the pods, workloads and containers they affect to determine the surface area of impact. Group and filter discovered vulnerabilities in a prioritized list based on what matters most to the business and easily locate log-related data leakage issues across your cloud native environment  


Prioritize issues with business risk scores: Cisco Secure Application business risk score combines application performance data with security and threat intelligence feeds from the Cisco security product portfolio to assess the likelihood and impact of security issues affecting your business-critical transactions. With it, teams can see data sensitivity associated with business-critical transactions, insecure Kubernetes configurations and runtime container vulnerabilities and understand the potential impact to your environment. This level of insight leverages automated information from your business-specific context to deliver actionable security intelligence you need to protect what matters most. 

Accelerate response with remediation guidance: Cisco Secure Application provides prescriptive remediation guidance needed to respond in real-time to your top business issues. For example, if a vulnerability threatens an identified business-critical transaction, Cisco Secure Application for cloud environments will rank the top three remediation recommendations. It also provides real-time guidance for the likelihood a vulnerability will be exploited in addition to providing the industry standard CVSS vulnerability score, which addresses severity, not risk. This guidance enables teams to prioritize and address the most critical vulnerabilities impacting the business. In addition, to streamline compliance audits, teams can identify critical data security breaches involving sensitive information like social security numbers, credit card data, PII, and prioritize addressing them with development teams.

Protect what matters most

Cisco Secure Application helps organizations bring applications and security teams together in the era of zero-day threats where all teams need to work cross-functionally on secure deployments of modern applications. Teams have expanded visibility and intelligent business risk insights to better prioritize and respond in real-time to revenue-impacting security issues and reduce overall organizational risk.  

Every moment counts when identifying and implementing a remediation plan as quickly as possible to avoid reputation and revenue impact to your business. Cisco Secure Application allows you to observe, prioritize and act on security issues to accelerate response time and keep your organization and customers safe. 

Visit Cisco Secure Application for more information and schedule time to learn firsthand how business risk observability can be a game-changing opportunity for your organization.

Kashyap Merchant is the Director of Product Management for Application Security at Cisco AppDynamics, responsible for leading strategy, product evolution and innovation for cloud security solutions. Prior to AppDynamics, he served in various leadership roles in product, marketing and engineering for over 17 years across F5, Cisco, Calix and Motorola, delivering on security, analytics cloud and mobile enterprise initiatives. Kashyap earned an M.Sc. degree in computer science from the University of Southern California and a B. Eng. degree in electronics engineering from the University of Mumbai, has published many technical papers and holds four U.S. patents.

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