AppDynamics and SAP: Optimizing key applications for citizen services

November 09 2022

AppDynamics enables government orgs to optimize SAP investments and gain mission level visibility for critical KPIs while better serving citizens, operating more efficiently and controlling costs.

Meeting changing citizen expectations

Digital transformation is redefining every industry, and the public sector is no exception. Federal, state and local governments are up against new challenges and expectations from employees and the citizens they serve.

Citizen demands when interacting online are changing. Similar to when they interact with private sector applications, citizens anticipate personalized, intuitive experiences with their government. In addition, expectations are evolving inside government organizations too and government employees need the nonstop access to people, tools and resources they require to stay productive—in the office, at home or on the move.

“74% of surveyed respondents expect to use integrated communications platforms to get work done, citing remote access and work options as the most important technology options in a work environment.”—The Center for Digital Government (CDG) 2020 survey of 2,046 young professionals

SAP powers government processes

To support these changes, the government is transforming workflows, processes and systems; migrating to cloud services to unlock new levels of flexibility and do more with less. They’re also looking to enterprise applications from SAP to support everything from online citizen services to supply chain, procurement and HR operations.

SAP applications such as Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software and analytics are fundamental to helping government agencies digitally transform by:

  • Improving use of data as an asset, to power smarter analytics-powered decisions.
  • Creating more resilient and efficient operations with streamlined processes and developing new services faster.
  • Developing more citizen-centric services through digitization of processes to meet citizens’ needs.
  • Attracting and retaining the best talent with better workplace experiences backed by training and development.


SAP solutions can deliver huge outcomes for public sector agencies. But to get the most from these complex solutions, they need to be available at all times — and optimized to boost performance proactively. Plus, give IT teams shared views and context into every process and transaction to ensure the technology is fully aligned with agency benefits.

Cisco AppDynamics can help government agencies proactively improve performance of SAP applications so they can meet objectives and better serve citizen enabling:

  • End-to-end visibility across the application delivery ecosystem.
  • Proactive real-time analysis of visibility into applications that require access to SAP for targeted troubleshooting.
  • Deeper insight into how SAP impacts government services.
  • Support before, during and after cloud migration and providing critical business performance insights in real-time.
  • Utilization of AI/ML technologies to quickly pinpoint root causes of business process issues both inside and outside of SAP.
  • Out of the box dashboard displays mission-level KPIs, identify process bottlenecks and provide insights to help prioritize based on the value of the mission.

Let’s take a closer look at how Cisco AppDynamics can support SAP across a variety of government use cases.

Maintaining defense readiness with nonstop performance

For defense organizations, an efficient supply chain is key as the military needs to track everything from troop supplies to spare aircraft parts — often on a global basis. To ensure real-time visibility into supply chain operations, they need deep insights into the SAP inventory applications that power them. If performance on a key application is degraded or a system goes down, a successful mission can be at risk.

AppDynamics provides visibility into critical SAP applications that support the supply chain, to help defense agencies process orders. For example, AppDynamics SAP Monitoring can baseline the entire SAP ERP landscape to spot even minor changes in application performance. With improved visibility, defense agencies can fulfill orders with a clear understanding of their available inventory. If an issue arises in SAP, organizations can spot the root cause faster to solve issues more quickly and prioritize remediations based on how the issue impacts the mission.

Improving visibility to optimize citizen services

People are accustomed to interacting and shopping online and expect the same level of efficiency and convenience when interacting with government services that they get when making an eCommerce purchase. For example, when citizens pay business taxes, update vehicle registrations or driver licenses and access health services or unemployment benefits, they should enjoy frictionless, dependable experiences every time.

Poor service experiences frustrate citizens, leads to more service and support calls and worsens employee workload. To deliver on expectations, agencies need to ensure visibility and stability in  SAP applications that support key citizen services.

Cisco AppDynamics provides agencies a complete view of performance and availability of SAP applications — plus observability and analytics needed to establish baselines, so administrators can understand how well their systems are working at all times. If an issue arises, AppDynamics can put context-rich data within reach fast, to help agencies solve issues faster and better utilize their limited resources.

Ensuring an engaged, productive workforce

Employee engagement and productivity is critical for attracting and retaining the best people. Public sector agencies are under increasing pressure to ensure good internal communications, and support employees with tools to stay productive.

Government employees expect smooth onboarding, access to benefits tools and information, department communications and training. SAP applications support a variety of these essential HR applications and workflows. AppDynamics delivers visibility to ensure the best employee experiences and helps ERP systems perform better, to support efficient onboarding, a better work environment and citizen payments for fines, licenses and other services.

AppDynamics: The smart way to optimize your SAP investment

AppDynamics enables government organizations to gain mission-level visibility for critical KPIs while better serving citizens, operating more efficiently and controlling costs. In addition, it enables detection, isolation and troubleshooting of performance issues faster, not only with SAP applications but with related apps and third-party services that access SAP. As such, government technologists gain insights into the performance across the entire SAP ecosystem. And through tools and features such as Application Flow Maps and auto-detection of business transactions, organizations and agencies can gain strategic insights and seamlessly migrate from legacy SAP applications to ensure the best user experiences.

To learn more about how AppDynamics can help you take full control of essential SAP solutions, without sacrificing the flexibility of your IT environment, download our ebook: The AppDynamics guide to modern SAP monitoring.

Gregg is Executive CTO at Cisco AppDynamics and a thought leader with over 25 years in tech leadership positions including Research in Motion and Samsung, where he was responsible for enterprise services, developer relations, sales engineering. Having worked across F1000, public sector and partners, Gregg helps companies succeed with digital transformations, mobility application deployments, DevOps strategies, analytics and high-ROI business solutions.

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