AppDynamics for OpenTelemetry: Accelerating innovation across software development ecosystems

April 07 2022

AppDynamics for OpenTelemetry™ is future-proofing your digital transformation technologies' health and performance to maximize impacts.

A software development-fueled shift in the competitive landscape has been steadily growing over the past decade or so, alongside cloud and digital user experience-based business priorities. Recently, Harvard Business Review positioned software development as a competitive advantage; and McKinsey & Company created a Developer Velocity Index to measure the impact of accelerating code development while fully leveraging developer talent. In addition, the common phrase, “every company is a software company,” is used liberally across tech by trusted resources like CIO (magazine) and influencers such as Microsoft CEO, Satya Nadella — because this truth confirms software’s place as a competitive differentiator. As awareness ratchets up, the truth gains volume but the endgame remains the same: Whoever builds the best software — wins.

Are we reaching the tipping point?

Delivering flawless digital experiences for customers is critical to business growth and yet, the talent shortage is inescapable. The rally cry for skilled developers is louder and more competitive than ever and to add insult to injury, many companies that relied solely on agile methodologies or outsourcing code creation, hoping for a quick fix — have quickly realized neither are significant enough to move the innovation needle. Agility and outsourcing play a role but it is the adequation of technology investments to the user experience and business outcomes that make the biggest difference in maintaining an advantage in the market today.

Developers improve business performance

McKinsey research shows that developers who feel empowered while working in a friction-free environment are unleashing their full potential on projects — and the companies that hire and support them are winning more market share, consistently delighting end-users and innovating faster. Supported in hard numbers by the researchers — businesses that focus on unleashing developers’ full potential (what McKinsey calls, “developer velocity”) are growing revenue 4-5x faster, showing 60% higher shareholder returns, 20% higher operating margins and outpacing the competition by 55% when it comes to innovation. Additionally, these developer velocity-aware leaders also see higher customer service ratings and elevated brand perception. All of which are company-wide impacts worth exploring.

The magic behind OpenTelemetry

OpenTelemetry delivers an open source, vendor-agnostic standard and reference for implementations upon which technologists can gauge the behavior of their software projects across distributed systems regardless of languages, machines and processes used to create them. Adopting OpenTelemetry allows developers and other teams to instrument, generate, collect and export telemetry data that can reveal causes of technology glitches and share that data with observability tools to make sense of them, pinpointing and correlating system-wide telemetry that impact users and business outcomes.

OpenTelemetry and observability — the perfect match

Complexity across the software development chain has grown exponentially as consumers’ insatiable appetite for flawless digital experiences drives new approaches for pushing better code, faster. These approaches include transitioning to cloud native, microservices with software deployment, scaling, and management automation with Kubernetes. It’s this very same quest for speed and efficiency that seeds full-stack observability adoption to gain line-of-sight across technology ecosystems (as compute, storage, network, front-end and back-end) and across teams.

Now with OpenTelemetry, companies are empowered with standardized telemetry data from all parts of the technology stack — with control of how it flows between observability and monitoring solutions. And we’re here to help because simply ingesting OpenTelemetry is not good enough. It’s how well you make sense of it for insights and actions that sets an organization apart.

OpenTelemetry for AppDynamics

The future of observability lies with OpenTelemetry; a truth we wholeheartedly embrace through actively contributing to the OpenTelemetry community. We also embrace OpenTelemetry in our solutions, unlocking OpenTelemtry ingestion and enrichment with our own telemetry data for greater depth and breadth, unlocking insights with advanced analytics and AI/ML and prioritizing actions on business outcomes to simplify and accelerate next-gen transitions in software development that deliver world-class results for end users.

Learn more about what AppDynamics for OpenTelemetry can do for your organization.

Erwan Paccard has been Director, Product Marketing at AppDynamics since 2017. He knows the APM and observability market well with over 10 years in the space across various companies. Over the span of his 24 years career in the tech industry as product manager and product marketer, he has worked for companies like Dynatrace and IBM, developing and architecting a range of their products.

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