Momentum is building on the journey to observability

March 16 2022

Discover what 1,200 global IT leaders have to say about the future of full-stack observability — and learn how early adopters are already reaping the benefits that enhanced visibility across the entire IT environment can bring.

Technologists in every industry worldwide recognize the critical need to deliver exceptional digital experiences to meet ever-rising customer expectations and the consequences for organizations that fall short.

In response, technologists are urgently looking for a unified view on availability and performance up and down the IT stack, building on their current application monitoring tools. They want full visibility into performance for compute, storage, network and public internet, from the customer-facing application all the way into the back end. For many, they want solutions that provide full visibility into cloud native environments, including the increasing deployment of microservices and container solutions.

This desire for full-stack observability is highlighted in new research published today by Cisco AppDynamics, revealing the extent to which businesses have ramped up their efforts to implement these types of solutions over the last 12 months.

The new report, The Journey to Observability, charts the progression of organizations as they look to expand their monitoring capabilities and generate unified visibility of IT availability and performance across their entire IT environments.

It finds that full-stack observability has become a strategic priority for organizations worldwide. And importantly, many are now making serious moves to realize their ambitions. According to the research, 54% of businesses have already started their transition to full-stack observability and a further 36% plan to do so before the year is out.

I’ve talked previously about our passion at AppDynamics for building a next-generation, hyper-scale observability platform to help technologists navigate increasing IT complexity and focus on what matters most to their business. And we’ve been making fantastic strides towards this vision through both our own continued innovation and a series of recent acquisitions.

It’s exciting to read that these findings truly validate what we’re setting out to achieve and the impact that we’re already delivering to customers.

Organizations are already feeling the early benefits of full-stack observability programs

The research finds that many organizations have made strong progress on the transition to full-stack observability, with 86% succeeding in generating greater visibility across their IT stack.

These organizations are already experiencing significant benefits as a result of having increased visibility into IT availability and performance, from improved productivity and reduced operational costs in the IT department, to technologists having more time to focus on strategic priorities such as digital transformation.

There is now a widespread feeling of positivity around full-stack observability — and not just inside IT departments. Technologists report that business leaders are now fully behind their initiatives and providing the necessary budget and resources.

This represents a huge step-change in the evolution of full-stack observability — technologists no longer need to convince stakeholders of the business case for investment. Business leaders have seen for themselves the value that these early steps towards full-stack observability have delivered, and they’re asking technologists to double down on their programs to offer even greater returns.

Technologists can now surge ahead with their plans, with the vision, determination and support they need to deliver success. And understandably, there is a genuine sense of excitement about the impact they can provide, with 85% of technologists stating that they believe full-stack observability will be transformational for their business.

Supporting businesses on the journey to full-stack observability

In such a rapidly evolving area of technology, organizations need a trusted partner that can deliver best-in-class solutions and help them to implement the cultural and operational changes required to maximize the benefits of full-stack observability.

As a key component of Cisco’s solution for full-stack observability, AppDynamics is helping technologists see, understand, and optimize what happens inside and beyond their IT architecture – all through the lens of business impact.

Our teams are working with customers to help them navigate the journey to full-stack observability, providing them with the tools, insight and expertise they need to build on their existing monitoring capabilities and generate real-time visibility into their entire IT stack. This enables technologists to accelerate their full-stack observability programs and deliver the exceptional digital experiences that customers and employees now demand.

To read the comprehensive research and learn more about how global technologists are accelerating their transition to full-stack observability, download the report, The Journey to Observability, here.

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