AppDynamics announces major updates and improvements to Global Partner Program to support shift to 100% channel model

September 22 2021

Exciting key changes to our Global Partner Program will help our partners fully exploit the potential of full-stack observability with business context.

Group of AppDynamics Global Partners seated at a conference table

The market opportunity for full-stack observability continues to grow at breakneck speed as technologists battle on multiple fronts, including keeping pace with rapid digital transformation projects, managing increasing complexity across the IT stack, and filtering overwhelming data noise. Visibility of IT performance and health across the entire IT stack, and the ability to correlate this with business outcomes, has never been more critical.

But the clock’s ticking for enterprises to leverage the benefits and competitive advantage that full-stack observability promises.

In a recent AppDynamics report — Agents of Transformation 2022: Innovating in the Experience Economy — 73% of technologists stated that the inability to connect full-stack observability with business outcomes would be detrimental to their business this year. Worryingly, 66% confirmed they lacked the strategy and tools to effectively measure how technology decisions impact business outcomes.

As part of Cisco’s vision for full-stack observability, AppDynamics is perfectly poised to help enterprises overcome these challenges and realize the benefits to their business of deploying full-stack observability with business context. But for AppDynamics to maximize this opportunity and help partners and technologists to fully exploit their potential, we recognize the need for change!

Today we’re announcing a significant shift in our go-to-market strategy and introducing some important modifications to our existing Global Partner Program to underpin that change.

So what’s new?

  • 100% channel-centric route to market. AppDynamics will transition from a mixed “direct and indirect” sales model to a 100% channel-centric route to market. This will provide closer alignment to Cisco’s sales motion and give partners the confidence and opportunity to build out full-stack observability practices with AppDynamics and Cisco.


  • New “Elite” level added to the Global Partner Program. To make this transition a reality, we’ve created a three-tier structure with a new top-tier Elite partner category added to the existing “Alliance” and “Titan” levels. The Elite level is designed for our largest Global Partners and creates the optimal conditions to fully exploit the full-stack observability market opportunity across AppDynamics and the wider Cisco portfolio.


However, these new modifications to the Global Partner Program will benefit partners at all levels, offering more tailored support and improved opportunities for growth and enabling them to better serve customers and rapidly advance critical digital transformation projects. AppDynamics has changed the support model around all three tiers to make sure that we have the right sales engineering, channel engineering, marketing support and channel account manager support to meet the needs of every partner.

AppDynamics partners will enjoy additional upgrades to the Global Partner Program focused on enhancing the experience. These features include:

  • “Stackable margins.” AppDynamics is shifting to stackable margins, enabling more involved/active partners to be increasingly profitable and rewarded based on their work with AppDynamics.


  • Expanded Rebates Program. Elite and Titan partners are now able to earn per-deal rebates through the updated program.


  • Redesigned FastPath Program. Partners can now better coinvest with AppDynamics across several categories, including funded head count, case studies, training and certification, and more.


  • Improved access to MDF. Eligible partners can access MDF (market development funds) through a new Funds Manager Platform, which will improve partners’ overall experience and make it simpler to request funding to help drive customer and solution interest for their partner AppDynamics practice.


  • Updated training and sales support. AppDynamics is investing in expanded training and sales support. For the first time, partners will be able to participate in AppDynamics sales and engineering boot camps, providing them with the deep levels of expertise and product knowledge necessary to fully maximize the potential of the AppDynamics and Cisco product portfolio.


This range of new incentives is designed to reward partners for the additional effort and activity they put into opportunities and closing deals. The closer they align with AppDynamics and our processes, the more profitable their deals become. It’s also intended to benefit partners across the globe — not just in the U.S. — as AppDynamics expands its global footprint.

“Throughout the last year, WWT has continued to innovate within, and pursue, the opportunity that AIOps and full-stack observability creates for our customers,” said Tanner Bechtel, Global Director of AIOps at World Wide Technology. “The positive changes being made to the AppDynamics Global Partner Program and the creation of the new Elite tier promise to provide even more opportunities for WWT to refine and strengthen the relationship with AppDynamics and Cisco. These changes will enable us to provide richer, more effective customer solutions and ensure an even more beneficial partnership to all of us.”

This new approach is a bold and exciting way forward. Our strategy for success lies with enhanced collaboration with our partners and continuing deeper alignment with Cisco and its sales motion. This is the right time to unleash the potential of our partners and maximize the opportunity for full-stack observability.

>>> Head to our AppDynamics partners page to learn more about the new AppDynamics Global Partner Program.

Mark Maslach
Mark Maslach has been with Cisco for over 22 years, holding leadership roles across channels, sales and product management. He is focused on helping Cisco and Cisco's partners gain market share while producing amazing customer experiences. He recently joined AppDynamics as Vice President of Worldwide Channels and Strategic Alliances.