AppDynamics Unleashes the Titan Partner Program

August 02 2017

The digital revolution is redefining business models, go-to-market strategies, sales tactics and much more across every industry and vertical. To stay competitive, businesses are shifting their focus of simply selling physical products to new ways they can improve the entire customer experience through software. This new school of thought paired with the rapid pace technology is evolving has raised a challenge in the channel community around staying ahead of ever-changing transformation.

With growing complexities in the technology stack, businesses in every vertical are unsure of what they need and how to evolve their businesses to stay competitive in the digital-first era. Priorities and goals are constantly shifting, leaving technology up for debate at each stage. The channel team here at AppDynamics has collaborated with our sales, business development and engineering teams to see the complete picture and determine how we can best set our partners up for success and help them drive impact for whatever is next in a customer’s agenda.

Today we are launching an entirely new partner program that has been adapted to equip our partners with the tools, training and support needed to create critical long-term value for their customers who want to thrive in this digital revolution. Additions to the program were purpose-built to pave the road for a lasting, profitable AppDynamics partnership.

What’s New?

The newly launched AppDynamics Partner Program includes two tiers. At the top are our most strategic partners that have been invited into the Titan partner program. This level gains access to resources that provide strategic support needed for partners to incorporate AppDynamics into their holistic digital story so that our mutual customers can achieve maximum value:

  • Sales and Pre-sales Enablement: Through customized, in-person training and enablement programs we’ll build sales and pre-sales champions within our partners and drive a deeper understanding of AppDynamics. These advanced level “Masters” training courses will ensure that we’re delivering optimal value to our joint customers as they undergo their digital transformations.

  • Services Implementation Training: Completion of this hands-on practical training will enable our partners to build advanced consulting services and have a more direct relationship with AppDynamics customers. Once certified through this program, Titan partners will be able to work directly with AppDynamics customers to drive more differentiated offerings based on customers’ unique needs.

  • Dedicated Sales Engineering and Field Channel Manager Support: We’re heavily investing in growing specialized teams that offer support at every stage of our partnerships – from laying the foundation of each partnership and aligning with channel sales resources to dedicated channel SE teams that will work hand in hand with partner’s technical teams to develop joint offerings.

  • Exclusive Rebate Program: Titans will receive an agreed rebate to enable additional investments into building a long-term, strategic AppDynamics practice.

In addition to the benefits listed above, Titan partners will have access to following resources that are available to all AppDynamics partners:

  • Online Training: All partners are eligible for our “Kick Starter” online courses, which provide the ideal introduction to the App iQ platform, AppDynamics’ intelligent solution for application and business performance monitoring. Both sales and pre-sales partner teams will have access to this 101-level content for a strong start with mutual customers and accelerated path to profitability.

  • Margin Guaranteed: Unlike most deal registration programs, we guarantee our margins by paying our partners an agreed percentage of the Total Contract Value. This results in greater predictability in joint opportunities.

  • Sales and Pre-sales Support: Our sales and pre-sales teams will work closely with our partners and mutual customers to assist with proof of concept, business value adds (BVAs) and joint planning.

“AppDynamics shares our obsession for customer success and is relentless in the pursuit of application performance that exceeds the scale, sophistication and velocity expectations of today’s customers,” said Robert Elfanbaum, Vice President and General Manager of WWT Asynchrony Labs. “The Titan program’s hands-on training will accelerate investments we’re making in R&D in our Advanced Technology Center and enable a more holistic approach to uncovering new methods our customers can use to deliver real-time, personalized and seamless experiences and achieve digital transformation goals.”

“In partnering with AppDynamics, we’ve helped lots of major customers across a range of industries build a smarter approach to business and performance monitoring. Together, we’ve unlocked solutions to the challenges of complex application architectures that have been shaped by the needs and expectations of consumers. The added support of the Titan program will allow us to accelerate and ensure our long-term value,” said Sandy Salty, VP Strategic Initiatives at Trace3.

The new AppDynamics Partner Program is our response to the technical complexities and hurdles our customers are facing in the digital revolution. Working more collaboratively with our top partners and sharpening alignment with their technical talent will establish a strong network of global technology leaders our customers can call upon to help realize their digital transformation visions. Together, AppDynamics and its partners will empower customers to constantly drive new innovations and renew competitive advantages through every technology trend that hits the industry. As the world becomes increasingly more connected and deeply tied to digital, a strong support system like this is critical.

Head to our new partner page to learn more about joining the AppDynamics Partner Program.

Ghazal Asif
Leading the channel charge for the new Titan Partner Program is Ghazal Asif, vice president of worldwide channels for AppDynamics. Asif was previously director of global channel sales for Cisco Meraki.

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