Introducing AppDynamics X and AppSphere

July 18 2013

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The AppDynamics team is excited to announce the official launch of AppDynamics X, a new exchange for plugins, integrations and extensions for AppDynamics Pro, and AppSphere, an AppDynamics community portal for application management professionals to maximize their deployment of AppDynamics Pro.

AppDynamics X
AppDynamics is a flexible and scalable platform for application management data. That means that there’s a lot you can do with your data in addition to what we provide in our Pro product. With the AppDynamics APIs you can build your own extension of AppDynamics Pro to collect data from any component of your infrastructure (databases, caches, queues, hardware, etc.), integrate with other tools, or even auto-scale your application in your favorite cloud. In addition, you can use the AppDynamics APIs to build custom alerts, remediation mechanisms and visualizations for your application.

But why should you do all that work yourself if someone else has already done it? That’s why we launched AppDynamics X. AppDynamics customers and employees have already built a bunch of extensions and integrations for AppDynamics Pro, and now you can find them all in one place. Don’t see what you’re looking for? Submit a request for us to build it for you, or contribute an extension yourself.

Some of the more popular extensions already on AppDynamics X include integrations for PagerDuty, Splunk, Nagios and Boundary and cloud connectors for Amazon, Rackspace, VMWare and Windows Azure. Check out AppDynamics X to get started.

AppDynamics Pro Integration Points


The AppSphere community enables IT operations and developers to share best practices and introduce new innovations for application performance management.


AppSphere is an open community that serves as a one-stop learning destination for all AppDynamics users. It enables application support teams to trade ideas, share best practices, and explore new trends in application performance management as well as IT operations. Forums exist for AppDynamics Pro customers who wish to discuss insights on how best to leverage the solution, but any IT professional with a vested interest in application performance management can join in and engage with issues pertaining to managing complex applications, Java/.NET/PHP performance tips, DevOps, and more.

I believe this quote from Jyoti Bansal (our CEO) best describes the spirit of the community:

“The AppDynamics customer base is passionate, as evidenced by our Net Promoter Score of 81 and the worldwide demand for our solution. Therefore, we’re happy to further empower both AppDynamics customers as well as application support teams everywhere with our AppSphere community and AppDynamics X platform. We believe that the best ideas and insights are generated through conversation and collaboration, and that’s why we’ve made these communities available to those with a vested stake in the performance of critical applications. We look forward to seeing what new innovations arise from their engagement, participation, and dialogue.” — Jyoti Bansal, Founder & CEO of AppDynamics

Integrations in action

The process monitor extension in action showing cpu and memory utilization:

AppDynamics Process Extensions

The Splunk integration in action:

Splunk Integration

Here is what John Martin of had to say about our Splunk integration:

“Being able to bridge two indispensable tools such as AppDynamics and Splunk Enterprise is absolutely essential to our day-to-day operations. The ability to go into one of these tools and click my way into one or the other at that exact point in time for an issue that I’m researching is just fantastic.” — John Martin, Sr. Director of Production Engineering,

Contribute or suggest your own extensions on the AppSphere.

Dustin Whittle
Dustin Whittle is a Developer Evangelist at AppDynamics where he focuses on helping organizations manage application performance. Find out more at

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